Peanuts Round 2 June 18

On Saturday 9th June two teams went to Hitchin for Round 2 of the Peanuts League.

The Green team came 2nd and the Silver team came 7th, excellent swims by everyone and well done.

​The next and final round we know the teams will be in split locations.



A very big thank you to all those who volunteered, without whom we could not have done this.

Hosting Team

Caroline Davies, Chris Briers, Colin Whitaker, Emma Whittle, Helen Cutler, Helen Hanbidge, Helen Holmes-Higgin, Jackie Hockney, Jen Hanley, Joanne Wisely, Patrick Kalverboer & Simon Barnes


Thanks to Patrick & Geoff for organising the team and meet

Officials -

Annette Connell, Carol Filer, David Soulsby, Izzy Sansom, Jo Sansom, Keith Farnham & Tara Bullock

Poolside Team -

Amy Goss, Anne Tyrer, Brenda Briers, Dolan Hinch, Emma Weare, Lou Beddall, Sheena Coster & Zoe Philbin


Thanks to Brenda is assuming the role of Volunteer Coordinator

Coaches -

Charlotte Watson, Evie Watson, Geoff Wood & Zoe Watson

Reserve Volunteer -

Richard Little


Mike Pain unfortunately was unable to make it due to an overrunning school commitment, but we know he tried hard to get there yes


For the 2 Peanuts squads it was a tough night with many of the swimmers competing for the first time ever. This was evidenced in the very first event where Connie Beddall swam her first competitive race in the 10 years Freestyle posting 20.96 and chasing home Phoebe Goss (18.70) for 3rd & 4th places respectively. For the boys it was Andrew Corner & Ollie Miles and both went pb with Corner just edging the intra-club battle in 20.21 & 20.38

10 year old Lauren Farnham stepped up to fill a late gap in the 11 years 50m Backstroke and sliced over 4 seconds from her best in 51.09 behind Sophie Percival. Dylan Kiddle for the boys was just outside his best in 4th with 47.13.

Alex Kalverboer claimed 2nd place in the boys 12 years breast  before Jess Cutler took 3rd in the girls 9 years Free followed by 2nd for Henry Eyles with a battling swim in the same event for the boys.

Both Orla Taylor, showing previously unseen aggression in the water, and Issy Whittaker set pbs in the 10 years 50 fly (19.81 & 20.56) with Issy claiming the 2nd spot before Dan Traynor lowered his best in the boys event by over 2 seconds to post 24.80.

There was another 2nd place with Emma Hockney setting pb (34.04) in the Girls 11 years 50 Free with Lauren Farnham up again to swim another pb of 44.36 while Ezi Svichla-Fekete made it 3 pbs in the 50 Free hitting 42.90.

In the 12 years backstroke Lara Coster lowered her best to pick up yet another 2nd place in 39.29 and then it was the first batch of relays.

The club’s first win on the night went to the 9 years girls 4 x 25 Free relay with Nell Coster (swimming despite an injured arm), linking with Charlotte Holmes-Higgin, Tilda Richards and Cutler to claim a clear win whilst Alana Van Deventer, Olivia Bridgeman, Rachel Little (another complete first timer) & Saya Khalili came home in 3rd place. The boys 9 year old team (Eyles, Austin Clements, Ben Hanbidge & Matthew Ginn ) picked up 2nd spot, led off by Ginn who set his own 25m Free pb with 19.94.

There was 3rd place for the 10 years girls Medley squad of Saff Harding, Lara Connell, Whitaker & Goss and the boys 10 years squad of Corner, William Barnes, Fionn Clare and Joe Harrison also pinched 3rd place with Corner leading off on back in his pb time.

2 more 3rd places came the way of the 11 years Free relay squads of Chrissy Soulsby (lead off leg pb), Sophie Percival, Harding & Hockney and Kiddle (lead off leg pb), Svichla-Fekete, Sam Griffiths & Ronan Philbin whilst for the Silver team girls Beddall also led off in a pb for her.

The 12 years Medley team of Lara Coster, Alex Farnham, Lydia Wisely & a fighting anchor leg from Abbie Briers, nearly pulled off the first win of the night, just being touched out on the final stroke. Again, for the silver team of Esme Weare, Imogen Crowther, Bella Hinch & Lauren Farnham there was a lead off pb on backstroke for Weare. The Green Boys squad of Ben Filer, Hugh Clare, Tom Holmes-Higgin & Jack Eyles took 3rd whilst James Bellamy went lead off leg pb for the Silver squad, ahead of Alex Kalverboer, pierce Philbin & Marcus Donald.

In the 9 years backstroke, Charlotte Holmes-Higgin (3rd) just pipped Khalili (4th) in a close race where just 0.2 seconds separated them. Ben Hanbidge dropped his best to 25.88 claiming 4th place.

Lara Connell just missed winning the 10 years breast, settling for 2nd with Izzie Davies setting her own pb in the same race as did Fionn Clare in the boys event.

The club finally claimed a win through Soulsby in the 11 years butterfly as she really flew down the length to a clear win knocking almost a second off her best in 17.48 and for the boys Ronan Philbin filched 2nd in 19.38.

With the girls claiming the wins, the second victory went to Briers whose fighting qualities were to the fore as, with a perfect finished she took the win on the touch in the 12 years 50 Free clocking 31.96 ahead of Hinch who set her own pb for 3rd place in 35.47 followed by Jack Eyles also going pb for 3rd in 35.34 for the boys.

Both Tilda Richards and Alana Van Deventer claimed pbs in the 9 years breast with Richards just edging it for 3rd in 28.03 against 4th for Alana who improved over 4 seconds!

William Barnes and Traynor both set pbs of 22.33 & 26.33 respectively for the 10 years backstroke and then Soulsby took her second individual win of the night in the 11 years Breaststroke with 9 year old Khalili stepping happily up 2 age bands to post a nearly 7 second improvement with 53.31.

The final individual win of the night also went to the 12 year girls team as Alex Farnham, after a few weeks out with illness, made the victory in the 50m Fly look effortless in 37.62, followed by Holmes-Higgin for the boys claiming 2nd place.

The 9 year girls relay team of Coster (lead off pb), Holmes-Higgin, Richards and Cutler made it a clean sweep of wins in the relays for them on the night in the Medley relay with Khalili, Little, Van Deventer & Bridgeman making it a brace of 3rd places for them followed by another 3rd for Clements, Hanbidge, Henry Eyles and Ginn.

Connell (lead off pb), Whitaker, Harding & Goss improved their relay place to 2nd in the 10 years free with Davies, Taylor, Bridgeman & Charlotte Whittle finishing 5th. Meanwhile, Harrison, Barnes, Fionn Clare & Corner came home 3rd in their Free relay as well as did Percival (lead off pb), Connell, Soulsby & Hockney in the 11 years Medley relay and Svichla-Fekete (lead off pb) , Griffiths, Kiddle & Ronan Philbin for the 11 years boys.

The 12 years girls squad are possibly the stand out team for the club at the moment and Lara Coster, Alex Farnham, Wisely & Briers took their Free relay in fine style.

The Squadron relays at the end, were as ever, the noisiest events as all the clubs cheer home their teams but, without a doubt, the Berkhamsted cheering was the loudest.

The Green team came in 2nd overall with the Silver team 7th but both squads showed excellent commitment and team spirit and the final key team swimmers of the two teams were Pierce Philbin, Ollie Miles and Amber Tooker.

Geoff Wood