Hillingdon Open Water Swim 2km June 18

The Hillingdon Open water swim, Owen Strakosch, Izzy Sansom and Mark Strakosch took on the 2k event. Up against a field of over 60 swimmers, the massed start was a mad thrashing of arms and legs again. The water was 24 deg so most went without a wet suit.

 Fresh from their successes at recent river swims and relays Owen went out fast and Mark  was with a group of 4 Watford swimmers for the first km, then started to pull back on what he thought was the front group.

However, two young Watford swimmers had gone out in front of this and, whilst he closed to within 14 seconds of Owen and overtook other people he probably needed another 500 to catch him.

Izzy found the mad scramble at the start tough to deal with and had problems sighting one of the boys but once into her stride made good progress through the field.

In the final event, Owen placed 4th, Mark 5th and Izzy 21st from the large field.


Geoff Wood

Head Coach