SW winter short course championships 2-4 November 2018

Please find below details of the SW winter short course championships, to be held at Millfield  on 2-4 November 2018-07-26


Please send entries to Sarah Ayling or Tracie Samuel by 30 Septenber 2018. Entry cannot be done through the Teamunify system





Swim England South West Region Short Course Winter Championships 2018


                                  Millfield: Age as on 31st December 2018.




Friday 2 November


Warm up and withdrawals 5.45 Start 6.30


1500m Freestyle HDW Male

800m Freestyle HDW Female


Saturday 3 November – morning session

Warm up 8.45 Start 9.45


101. Male                    200m         Ind. Medley (inc Para)

102. Female                200m         Backstroke

103. Male                    200m         Breaststroke 

104. Female                100m        Breaststroke (inc Para)

105. Male                    100m         Backstroke (inc Para)

106. Female                  50m         Butterfly (inc Para)

107. Male                     50m         Freestyle (inc Para)

108. Female                400m         Freestyle HDW (inc Para)

25 minutes interval to prepare finalist sheets and presentation of 400m


Finals in order Open, Junior and B

111. Male                    200m         Ind. Medley

112. Female                200m         Backstroke

113. Male                    200m         Breaststroke

Presentations 111 - 113 

114. Female                100m        Breaststroke

115. Male                    100m        Backstroke

Presentations 114-115

116. Female                 50m          Butterfly

117. Male                    50m          Freestyle

Presentations 116 – 117


Afternoon session – timings depending upon entries accepted

120. Female                100m        Ind. Medley

121. Male                    200m         Freestyle (inc Para)   

122. Female                200m         Butterfly

123. Male                    100m         Butterfly (inc Para)

124. Female                100m         Freestyle (inc Para) 

125. Male                       50m        Breaststroke (inc Para)

126.  Female                                    50m        Backstroke (inc Para)

127. Male                    400m         Ind. Medley HDW  

205minutes interval to prepare finalist sheets and presentation of 400m IM.


Finals in order Open, Junior and B

130. Female                100m        Ind. Medley

131. Male                    200m         Freestyle   

132. Female                200m         Butterfly

Presentations 130 - 132

133. Male                    100m         Butterfly 

134. Female                100m         Freestyle 

Presentations 133 - 134

135. Male                       50m        Breaststroke

136.  Female                                    50m        Backstroke

Presentations 135 – 136


Cyclic seeding will be used the last 3 heats of all events with finals 


Timings will be finalised once entries have been received.

Withdrawals from finals must be made 10 minutes after the finish of the last event with a final.

Junior Champions will be declared in all events, all competitors must be under the age of 16 on 31/12/18, based on the results in finals.





4 heats will be accepted for the 800/1500m events with 32

Boys and 32 Girls will accepted on Ranked times for these events, with a minimum of 16 juniors in each event.


Sunday 4 November – morning session


Warm up 8.45 Start 9.45

201. Female                200m         Ind. Medley (inc Para)                

202. Male                    200m        Backstroke 

203. Female                200m         Breaststroke 

204. Male                    100m        Breaststroke (inc Para)

205. Female                100m         Backstroke (inc Para)

206. Male                      50m         Butterfly (inc Para)

207. Female                    50m      Freestyle (inc Para)

208. Male                                        400m       Freestyle HDW (inc Para

25 minutes interval to prepare finalist sheets and presentation of 400m


Finals in order Open, Junior and B 

211. Female                200m        Ind. Medley                

212. Male                    200m        Backstroke 

213. Female                 200m        Breaststroke 

Presentations 211 - 213

214. Male                    100m        Breaststroke 

215. Female                 100m        Backstroke

Presentations 214 - 215

216. Male                     50m         Butterfly

217. Female                  50m         Freestyle

Presentations 216 – 217


Afternoon session – timings depending upon entries accepted

220. Male                    100m        Ind. Medley

221. Female                200m        Freestyle (inc Para)

222. Male                    200m        Butterfly

223. Female                100m        Butterfly (inc Para)

224. Male                    100m        Freestyle (inc Para)

225. Female                  50m         Breaststroke (inc Para)

226. Male                      50m         Backstroke (inc Para)

227. Female                 400m        Ind. Medley HDW   

25 minutes interval to prepare finalist sheets and presentation of 400m IM.


Finals in order Open, Junior and B

230. Male  28              100m         Ind. Medley

231. Female                200m        Freestyle 

232. Male                    200m        Butterfly

Presentations 230 - 232

233. Female                100m        Butterfly

234. Male                    100m        Freestyle

Presentations 233 - 234

235. Female                  50m         Breaststroke

236. Male                      50m         Backstroke

Presentations 235 – 236


Entry fee £8.00 Individual event to include spectator admission, entries close on Wednesday 17 October. Please make payment once entries have been accepted.


For these Championships: Over-the-top starts will be used during the heats.


Entries to be made by Sportsystems file which will be sent to clubs or available from, times from ASA Rankings cannot be altered on the entry file.