Dart 10K Open Water Competition

Beginning with the River Dart 10k swim, the club had Masters swimmers Rob Diehl, Peter Northwood & Phil Hurst taking on their longest ever swim alongside ex-committee member Guy Ellwood in a relatively balmy 16 degrees water temperature..

Rob is also one of the coaching team and only recently back into swimming as a sport, he swam on the Saturday quoting that the weather was clear and almost windless. On the more exposed stretches there was a little chop to the water but, with the advantage of swimming at high tide the participants had the advantage of the stream as they swam.

Occasionally it was difficult to navigate and with some transitory goggle issues he would catch sight of other swimmers and ‘Just follow them’. He finished 18th of 77 swimmers in the wet suited 41-45 age group and thoroughly enjoyed the swim in 2 hours 26 minutes and 53 seconds.

All 3 of Pete, Phil and Guy also swam in wetsuits on Sunday and, like Rob Peter, after leading the field out for the first 400 metres, had difficulties with navigation, apparently swimming the wrong way at one point. Peter was the fastest of the 3 with 2:42.41 (76th /104 in the 46-50 age group) & Guy 2:48.41 was 85th in the same category whilst Phil split the pair to finish in a highly creditable 25th of 47 in the 51-55 group in 2:44.39.