Serpentine 1 Mile

Mark convinced son Owen along with Harrison and Callum to enter with him and they were joined by another of the coaching team, Jan Stevens at the Serpentine mile. It was Mark’s third year and he wanted to regain his age group top spot but was conscious of the chase from the younger lads, all 16. There were just fewer than 2000 finishers in the one mile and all the club’s entrants swam exceptionally well to finish high up the rankings.

Mark held sway for at least one more year winning his age group in 23 minutes 21 seconds which also placed him 19th overall and 15th male. Meanwhile Owen finished 8th of the 175 16-24 age group with 23:58; Callum winning the sibling battle with 25:06 for 11th in age from Harrison , 14th in age in 26:24. Meanwhile, Jan Stevens was 564th of the 1965 swimmers in 34:12 and said, ‘It was busy!’.