BSC Awards Evening Friday 30th Nov

The Club wishes to announce that on the evening of Friday 30th November, we will be holding this seasons BSC Awards Evening.

The purpose of this evening is to get swimmers and families all together and recognise the achievements of our swimmers and volunteers.

At present we are planning to commence at 18:00 to 22:00.

So that the organsing team can manage appropriately, can you go to the following web page and register each swimmer's attendance as well as give a total number of family members attending please.

Deadline for registration is by end of Sunday 4th November -

In addition we have two new awards that we want to continue to recognise those people who keep this Club running. These awards are for one male & one female that you the members vote for that you feel these people deserve recognition for supporting the Club in some fashion during this period. It can be a swimmer, parent, volunteer, official, coach etc. but someone you feel has contributed in some way. Each member of the Club can vote (swimmers & parents) for both awards but please provide a short description why.

Deadline for voting is by end of Sunday 4th November -

What do we ask of parents and swimmers;

  • We would love please for all swimmers and families to attend - we will be advising how to register soon
  • Each family attending to bring along a small amount of food and drink as we have done in previous events, again further details will be forthcoming soon
  • Have fun and celebrate the achievements of our swimmers and have some fun

We are in the early stages of planning but here are the salient points;

  • We will be taking the opportunity to do a fun social event related of course to Christmas
  • Swimmers who competed in Club Champs, Counties, Regionals and Nationals will all receive a certificate from the Club recognising their achievements. Swimmers up to and including 10 years olds (as of last season) will also receive medals for achieving 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in Club Champs
  • There will be a free raffle for all swimmers attending with prizes donated (if you have something that you could donate for the swimmers, please let the organising team know
  • There will also be trophies for winners of the following categories;
  • The Club 50 Handicap Cup Winner
  • Annual 800m Cup (girls)
  • Annual 1500m Cup (boys)
  • Most Improved Swimmers
    • Under 14-year Girls
    • Under 14-year Boys
    • 14+ Ladies
    • 14+ Gents
  • BAGCATS Awards (based on Club Champs results)
    •   9 & Under Boys
    •   9 & Under Girls
    •   10 – 11 Year Boys
    •   10 – 11 Year Girls
    •   12 – 13 Year Boys
    •   12 – 13 Year Girls
    •   14 – 15 Year Boys
    •   14 – 15 Year Girls
    •   16 & Over Gents
    •   16 & Over Ladies
    •   Annual Swimmer of the Year Shield
    •   The Geoff Wood Trophy
  • Current Club Captains Alternative Awards
  • Announcement of new Club Captains
  • Chair’s Awards, recognising our volunteers