Swim School - New Badges!


Swim School

The club's new badges for all swim school levels have now arrived!

The badge system has been designed by the Head Coach in line with the progressive stages of the new swim school levels (Hats) incorporating skill, diving and distance awards. All badges are colour co-ordinated to the hat levels.

The badges are custom made and unique to Staines Swimming Club. I know swimmers have already been undertaking badge testing, badges will be available to purchase next week during lessons and every badge testing cycle.

The progression stages are below for White to Red Hats - Black Hats and Advanced Teaching progression criteria is available on the club website.





      Progression Criteria                                   

White Hats  


 Skills Badges - White Swan 1 - 8

 Distance Badge - 5m unaided

Safe entry in the pool

Blow bubbles through mouth and nose

Float on front and back

Propulsive leg kick on front and back

Collect sinker from bottom of pool

Jump in from poolside aided

Basic pool safety knowledge

Yellow Hats 


Skills Badges - Yellow Swan 1 and 2

Diving 1

Distance Badges - 10m and 15m 

Submerge and blow bubbles through mouth and nose

Strong propulsive leg kick front and back

Safely jump into the pool unaided

Climb out unaided

Proficient backstroke

Bubbles, Bubbles back and breathe


Swim 5m no goggles face in the water

Push and glide 5m

Orange Hats 


Skills Badges - Orange Swan 1 and 2

Diving 2

Distance Badges - 25m Backstroke

25m Frontcrawl 

Strong backstroke little finger enters first

Proficient Frontcrawl side to breathe no head lift

Head first sculling

Feet first sculling

Handstand on bottom of pool

Underwater swimming 

Pencil Jump and basic knee dive

Somersault unaided

Red Hats


Skills Badges - Red Swan 1 - 3

Diving 3

Distance Badges - 25m Breaststroke

50m Backstroke and Frontcrawl

Proficient Breaststroke with 3 second glide

Strong Backstroke and Frontcrawl

Basic Frontcrawl tumble

Proficient dolphin kick 5m

Ability to treadwater

Handstand hold

Backward somersault