Middlesex County Age Group Championships - Update Weekend 1


Middlesex County Age Group Championships - Weekend 1 - 19th and 20th February 2019

Staines Swimmers performed excellently on day 1 of the Middlesex County Age Group Championships bringing home 2 medals, swimmers made 6 final appearances, 17 top 10 finishes were achieved and the team secured 23 personal best times. 

Unfortunate day 2 of the championships was cancelled! Upon arrival the pool was half empty! Currently the day’s events have been rearranged to fit into the day 3 and 4 program on 2nd and 3rd February. A final decision will be made on Thursday morning I will update all in due course.

The younger’s exhibited great team spirit and cheered each other on throughout the day  to some memorable performance, Staines had the best supporters and loudest! Well done parents! I really enjoyed my first day at Middlesex Counties well done swimmers lots more to look forward to in the next couple of weeks.

A full club report will be made once all county competitions have been swum.


Marcel Chodnicki - Boys 13 years bronze 100m FS 1.01.63 and bronze 50m FS 28.83, 4th 200m BK 2.36.96

Freddie Golding - Boys 10/11 years 5th 50m FS 32.88 and 10th 100m FS 1.15.49

Mia Golding - Girls 12 years 6th 50m Backstroke 37.07


Harry Overington - Boys 12 years 6th 100m FS 1.08.36, 8th 200m BK 2.49.07, 9th 50m FS 31.74

Libby Coombs - Girls 12 years - 5th 100m BF 1.20.67, 6th 200m BRST 3.16.36, 14th 50m BK 38.37

Troy Burton - Boys 12 years - 7th 1500m FS 22.57.56, 15th 200m BK 2.56.49

Gabriela Chodnicki - Girls 10/11 years - 10th 50m BK 38.98, 14th 100m IM 1.30.33

Emma Robinson - Girls 13 years 5th 1500m FS 20.25.04, 8th 400m FS 5.13.57, 10th 100m BF 1.18.21, 27th 50m BK 37.26

Lucas Iwenya (9) - Boys 10/11 years 200m BK 6th 3.05.79

Charlotte Heyden (9) - Girls 10/11 years 50m BK 13th 39.28

Hazel Anthony - Girls 13 years 16th 50m BK 35.20

Yasmin Taleb - Girls 13 years 14th 100m BF 1.20.48, 18th 100m IM 1.19.55

Zoe Williams - Girls 13 years 20th 100m BF1.25.30,  19th 200m BRST 3.14.86

Joe Adams - Boys 12 years 13th 200m BK 2.54.10 

Samrath Johal - Girls 10/11 years 19th 400m FS 6.06.85


Kind Regards

Chris White

Head Coach