Four Seasons Spring 2019

The younger members of `cheddar Kingfishers Swimming Club travelled to Backwell leisure centre on 19 January to take part in the Spring round of the Four Seasons gala competition., together with teams from Burnham-on-Sea, Backwell, City of Bristol, Wells and Clevedon.  Cheddar fielded a squad that had been depleted by illness but the sixteen swimmers made up what they lacked in numbers with enthusiasm and commitment.  Every swimmer swam multiple events with some swimming one or even two age groups above their own and often swimming in events that they did not consider their best..

Top three finishes were achieved by Olivia Iles (12U 100m Individual Medley and 12U Medley relay, 50m Butterfly, 50m Breaststroke, 12U Freestyle relay and Canon), Finley Halford (12U individual Medley and 50m Freestyle, and Canon), Zoe Alvey (25m Butterfly, 10U Freestyle and Medley relays and Canon), Cassy Iles (25m Breaststroke, and 10 U Freestyle relay, 25m Freestyle, 11U Freestyle relay, 10 U 25m Butterfly, 10U Medley relay, 11 U medley relay, 12 U Freestyle relay and Canon), Charlie Halford (25m Breaststroke, 10 U Freestyle relay, 11U 50m Butterfly, 12U Medley relay, 50m Breaststroke, 10 U 100m Individual medley, 50m Freestyle, 11U Medley relay and Canon, Josh Easton (50m Backstroke, 12U 100m Medley relay, 50m Butterfly, 12U Freestyle relay), Libby Halford (25m Breaststroke,  9U Medley and Freestyle relays, Faye Bird (25m Backstroke, 9U , 10 U and 12U  Medley relay, 9 U , 10U and 11U  Freestyle relay). 

 Outstanding stamina, swimming in multiple relays in addition to their own individual events, and making a value contribution to the teams points total,  was shown by Dylan Wines (25m Buttefly and 25m Freestye, , 9U Freestyle and Medley relay,), Grace Cadwaller (11U and 12U 50m Backstroke, 50m Freestyle,11U and 12U Freestyle relay,11U and 12U Medley relay), Ewan McClumpha (50m Backstroke, 9U, 10 U Medley relay, 9U, 10 U ,11 U  and 12U Freestyle relay, 25m Butterfly), Lois Brimm