Cotswold League Round 2

Cotswold League Round 2  Wellington 

Cheddar Kingfishers travelled to Wellington Leisure Centre for round two of the Cotswold League, where they meet teams from Cinderford, Bristol Henleaze and Wellington. The exciting evening of swimming saw the lead change every few races; Cheddar were in first place for a time but Cinderford just pushed Cheddar into second place, ahead of hosts Wellington, with only seven points separating the three clubs.  The Kingfishers team between them achieved 15 first place finishes, and twelve seconds.

Maggie Hammond and Sam Easton got the team off to a good start finishing second and first in the 15U Individual Medley, with Anna Wadey just edged into third in the Open IM. Phoebe Hillman was second in the 11U 25m Freestyle, Holly Cockram and Jack Brimm second in the 13 U Breaststroke and M.Hammond second in the 15U Backstroke. 

The girls 11U Medley Relay team (Jemina Seagrove, Grace Hurst, Lois Brimm and P. Hillman) finished in first place with the boys (Ewan McClumpha, Charlie Halford, Sam Hutchinson and Jake Spencer) just pushed into third.   In the 13U Freestyle relays both Cheddar teams (Olivia Iles, Cockram, Emily Hillman and Stella Arnold and Ed Hardman. Finley Halford, Fergus Hammond and J. Brimm) finished first.




Patrick Forrester was first in the 15U Breaststroke and Jeff Hill first in the Open Backstroke. Competition in the 15 U and Open Medley relays was very strong and the teams (M. Hammond, Cockram, Megan McClumpha and Arnold and Sergio Wadey, Forrester, S. Easton and Issac Nicholls and M. Hammond, Lucy Slingsby, Louisa Slingsby and Anna Wadey ) had to settle for third, fourth and third place respectively. The Open Medley team (Hill, Callum Pitt and Simon Toogood) won their race.

In the 11U backstroke Jemima Seagrove finished second, Emily Hillman won the 13U Butterfly and Issac Nichols was second in the 15U Freestyle. The girls 11U Freestyle relay team ( Hurst, L. Brimm, Seagrove and P. Hillman ) won their race but strong competition pushed the boys (C. Halford, Spencer, E. McClumpha and Hutchinson ) into fourth. There was success for the Kingfishers in the 13U Medley relays with both the girls (Iles, Cockram, E. Hillman and Arnold) and the boys (Hardman, F. Halford, J. Brimm and F. Hammond) finishing in first place. 

Megan McClumpha and Sam Easton were both second in the 15U Butterfly, Hurst was first and C. Halford second in the 11U Breaststroke and Iles first in the 13U Backstroke.

Coming into the last five events the 15U and Open Freestyle relays and the Mixed Canon all the teams were close. The 15U girls (M. McClumpha, M. Hammond, Arnold and Iles) finished first in their race but fierce competition from the other clubs pushed the 15U boys (Easton, S. Wadey, Forrester and Nicholls) and Open girls (L. Slingsby, A. Wadey, M. McClumpha and S. Slingsby) into third and fourth, with the boys open team (Pitt, Toogood, Hill and Easton) coming second. In the mixed canon the team (Seagrove, C. Halford, Hardman, Easton, Arnold, M.McClumpha, A. Wadey and Toogood) many who were still catching their breath from the previous races, were third. 

It was a great evening of swimming with a friendly but competitive atmosphere, and swimmers from all the Cheddar Kingfishers training squads taking part.