Hi everyone!
Last year saw the introduction of the new Home Series, established by the wonderful Tina and Andrea. We would like to relieve some of their responsibilities and as such, we (Jacqueline Chamberlain and Caroline Wright) are taking on the roles of Promoter for these events.
Please be gentle with us, we will do our best to get it right! Jacqueline has sons who train at Bury/Culford and Caroline has a daughter at Haverhill. We are happy to answer questions and we would love to hear any suggestions you may have. Our email address is
The home series is for West Suffolk swimmers to try out events and improve their PBs. We will have a level 4 license so that the times gained can be used for County Championship qualifying. You may have noticed that there are 4 home series dates on the calendar this year and that Round 1, on 1st June, is open for entries. It is first come first served until we fill our allotted pool time so please get your entries in. The price for entering each race is £2.50. The remaining fixtures will be open for entries once we receive the licence. 
Like last year we will split the swimmers into teams. To help identify the teams FINS have very kindly purchased some coloured hats. Hopefully the swimmers (and parents!!) will cheer their team mates on to help them achieve the best times they can and earn a prize for the winning team. Please remember to stay to the end of the evening as there will be pizza for the swimmers.
To make these meets enjoyable and a success for the swimmers we need your help. As always we need our wonderful officials, without whom we cannot run these events. To help the officials feel appreciated it would be lovely to be able to offer them a piece of cake before they start their work for our children, so donations of cakes, doughnuts, cookies etc will be very gratefully received and also sold on the refreshment table. There are also lots of other ways you can help and there is a job list on the website. Please have a look and sign up if you can. It's a great way to meet people and try something new, no experience required. 
We look forward to seeing you all on 1st June.
Jacqueline and Caroline