Herts Major League- Round 3 & Final Results

We have just received the final results, well done everyone who competed yes, report is further down the page.

Division 1 League Points Gala Points  
Club R 1 R 2 R 3 Bonus Total R1 R2 R3 Total2 Position  
Watford A 6 6 12 11 35 271 270 249 790 1  
Hatfield 6 6 10 11 33 247 253 224 724 2  
Potters Bar A 5 5 8 11 29 200.5 221 173 594.5 3  
CoStA 4 5 6 11 26 171.5 195.5 150 517 4  
Hemel Hempstead 5 3 4 11 23 186 154 123 463 5  
Watford B 3 4 2 11 20 151 161 103 415 6  
Bishops Stortford 2 4 12   18 119 182.5 228 529.5 7  
Hertford 3 2 8   13 156 125 170 451 8  
Berkhamsted 1 1 10   12 106 103 172 381 9  
Royston 4 3 4   11 160 143 167 470 10  
Stevenage 2 2 6   10 139 136 169 444 11 RELEGATED
Tring 1 1 2   4 124 94 113 331 12 RELEGATED


Division 1 Round 1 Gala 1 @Potters Bar   Division 1 Round 1 Gala 2 @Hemel
Place Club Gala Points League Points   Place Club Gala Points League Points
1st Watford A 271 6   1st Hatfield 247 6
2nd Potters Bar A 200.5 5   2nd Hemel Hempstead 186 5
3rd CoStA 171.5 4   3rd Royston 160 4
4th Watford B 151 3   4th Hertford 156 3
5th Bishops Stortford 119 2   5th Stevenage 139 2
6th Berkhamsted 106 1   6th Tring 124 1
Division 1 Round 2 Gala 1 @Potters Bar   Division 1 Round 2 Gala 2 @Hemel
Place Club Gala Points League Points   Place Club Gala Points League Points
1st Watford A 270 6   1st Hatfield 253 6
2nd CoStA 195.5 5   2nd Potters Bar A 221 5
3rd Bishops Stortford 182.5 4   3rd Watford B 161 4
4th Hemel Hempstead 154 3   4th Royston 143 3
5th Hertford 125 2   5th Stevenage 136 2
6th Tring 94 1   6th Berkhamsted 103 1
Division 1 Round 3 Gala 1 Winners @Potters Bar   Division 1 Round 3 Gala 2 Consolation @Hemel
Place Club Gala Points League Points   Place Club Gala Points League Points
1st Watford A 249 12   1st Bishops Stortford 228 12
2nd Hatfield 224 10   2nd Berkhamsted 172 10
3rd Potters Bar A 173 8   3rd Hertford 170 8
4th CoStA 150 6   4th Stevenage 169 6
5th Hemel Hempstead 123 4   5th Royston 167 4
6th Watford B 103 2   6th Tring 113 2

With the very real threat of relegation looming, Berkhamsted SC’s swimmers approached the final round in equal bottom spot in Division 1 of the Herts Major League with determination that, if they were to go down, it would not be without a fight.

Once again, there were a number of swimmers missing from the original selection but, on the night, every swimmer involved showed real team spirit that they were all in the fight together.

In the final analysis, a superb team ethos came through and secured second place in the gala on the night and a move from 11th to 9th in the final standings.

The evening started with a flourish as both Amy Pemberton and James Chennells stormed to victory in their respective 100m free races and both rewriting the club records as well. Their wins set the tone for a super night of racing which saw the club swinging from 2nd to 5th and back again with just 6 points separating those places at the three quarter mark of the gala.

There were wins for:

Tamsin Moren who led from start to finish in the 13 years 100m Breaststroke (1:22.16)

Eva Lawson, standing in for a late sickness withdrawal in the 11 years 50m Breast in a pb of 41.22 and backing this up with victory in her age group 50m butterfly, coming home nearly 3 seconds clear of the field.

Evie Watson, who took the win in the 15 years 100m Breaststroke in her second pb of the league with 1:26.36.

Personal best swims also abounded:

Ruby Liddle dipped from a 41 down to 39.38 with 3rd in her 11 years 50m Back (3rd)

Eric Batt smashed through the 40 second barrier in the 11 years boys back coming home in 38.06 (3rd)

Millie Harrison took on the 100m Fly for the first time ever, without demur, to clock 1:47.63

Rocco Adatti chopped a huge 6 seconds from his 11 years 50m Breast to clock 47.58

Clemmie Holmes was another first timer who, despite a goggle malfunction mid-race came home strongly to clock 1:23.59 for her first effort at 100m Free in the 15 years age group

Tom Stoker dropped into 5th place as his pb improved to 1:10.94 in the boys 15 years free.

Alex Farnham sliced off 4 seconds from her 100m Fly time in the 13 years category, hitting the pads in 1:29.66

Joe Harrison’s first league effort at 50m fly saw him finish in a pb of 46.16.

Dan Chennells, fresh from a long course pb earlier in the day for his 100m Free at Wycombe, jumped in to improve his 100m back with 1:06.77 for 2nd in the 15 years boys.

Mimi Ayre lowered her 50m free to 38.71 in her first ever competitive swim for the club,

William Barnes is improving in confidence every race and got down inside 40 seconds for the 50m Free with 39.46.

Owen Strakosch continues to get quicker every swim and improved his mark in the 100m Back to 1:07.18 (3rd), Issy Soulsby completed her best breaststroke for many months in 1:25.94.

Lydia Wisely took her 100m back time down to 1:21.91 to complete the individual best times.

Finally, Any Pemberton destroyed the field in the Open 100m Butterfly, storming off the blocks to lead by 3 seconds at the halfway and maintained that advantage to win in 1:04.97 to not only shatter her own pb but also the club record by over 3 seconds.

But it was not just the wins and pbs that summed up the performance, there were second places for Abi Hewson, 15 years 100m back; Abbie Briers, 13 years 100 Free; Alex Kalverboer twice in the 13 years boys 100m Free & Back; Ish Rahim, Open 100m Fly alongside many other top placings but the relays showed the real team spirit.

Whilst not gaining any team wins the relay squads all pulled together:

the Open girls (Issy Soulsby, Victoria Ayles, Amy Pemberton and Tracy Fairweather combined for 3rd in the Medley and 2nd in the Free relays.

The Open Boys (Owen Strakosch, Harry Thorne, Ish Rahim & James Chennells) were also 3rd in both of their relay races.

The Under 12 girls (Ruby Liddle, Mimi Ayre, Seren Diehl – another first timer- & Eva Lawson) claimed 2nd in their Free & 3rd in their Medley.

For the U12 boys Eric Batt, Rocco Adatti, William Barnes & Jo Harrison teamed up whilst Abi Hewson, Evie Watson, Clemmie Holmes and Millie Harrison did the same for the girls U16 squad.

Yazeed Swarray-Deen responded to a late call up to join David Graham, George Thorne & Dan Chennells for the boys U16 squads who claimed a 4th & a 3rd place in the Medley & Free relays respectively.

The final relay squads were the U14s with, for the girls, Tamsin Moren, Lydia Wisely, Alex Farnham & Abigail Briers teaming up to pinch 2nd in both the free and Medley, storming back on the winners of the latter in the final stages but just running out of water.

The boys were Tom Holmes-Higgin, Hugh Clare, Eze Svichla-Fekete & Alex Kalverboer with a best placing of 3rd in the Medley Relay.

Going into the final, cacophonous, squadron relay the club were still in 4th place and going down but, a stupendous effort led off by Jo Harrison, followed in turn by Eva Lawson, Alex Kalverboer, Tamsin Moren, Abi Hewson, Dan Chennells and Amy Pemberton placed James Chennells on the anchor leg needing to go past the Royston swimmer to be almost certain, depending on other placings, of staying up. He did just that, anchoring the team home to 2nd place in the race and second overall to complete a fabulous night of swimming.


Geoff Wood