Stowe School Sessions

Version 2:  3/4/2019

Sessions at Stowe School, Stowe, Buckingham MK18 5EH 

This week our Buckingham Swimmers from Platinum upwards will start to have one or more sessions at the Stowe School Swim Pool.    

It's about 4 miles, or 10-12 minutes from Swan Pool.  Easy to find using the above postcode, and it's beautiful.  Prepare to be wowed.  Admittedly, parking and finding the pool may be a little daunting to begin with, but it will be easy the second time. 

It's a lovely 25m 6 lane pool, which offers us a more cost effective option for two sessions a week, plus the opportunity for more squads to train together at the same time.    This is very exciting, will benefit the swimmers, and the coaches are looking forward to it immensely.   We hope we can count on the support of parents to make this work, and make it fun.  Land training will take place in the Squash Courts in Drayson Hall (Sports Centre).

Please Contact Us if anything is unclear, or if you have any questions, or better still - any good ideas and suggestions.

There will be people to show you where to go on Thursday, and we will issue regular updates.  There are sure to be some things we haven't thought of, and there will be teething issues, but we will get there together. 


Arrival:  Please do not arrive too early - and please don't go into the pool building any earlier than 15 minutes before a session starts  as the coaches and lifeguards need to set the pool up.  So that's no earlier 6.15 on a Thursday, and 6.15/6.45 on a Saturday.   


Directions:  If using SatNav, the postcode above will lead you to the drive into the school. 

Head up the drive, over the bridge, across the lake, and up the hill.  Sometimes SatNav will tell you to turn right ar a locked metal gate - ignore that and keep heading up the road until you get to the security gate.   When you arrive at the security gate, tell Security that you are from Maxwell.  They do not need to see ID, but they might ask a question which all Maxwell swimmers/parents should be able to answer easily.



When you go through security, the security guard will point out where to go - drive past about 6 trees on the right, and then turn right and follow the one way system.  You can park in the spaces just after your turn right (you will then need to walk down past the school) or you can drive on the road following the one way system, passing the school on your right.  

You can park in the spaces at the end of this drive, or keep on going and you will come to a large car park.  

In summary, you can park in most spaces as long as they are not marked disabled, or for staff or contractors. 


To get to the pool:  Leave your car, and walk through the arch which is on the left hand side of the school as you face the school, next to the wheelie bins (in the photo - the arch is on the far left).  There are signposts to the pool, but these can get blocked by cars..  After you go through the arch, it's left to the pool.

At the pool:  there are male and female changing rooms.  Swimmers, please bring small bags and take them with all your stuff through to the pool.    Parents, please take overshoes and go straight through to the pool area, where there will be chairs available around the pool.  

There is a cool water machine, but no coffee making facilities or cafe.

Land training will take place in a Sqaush Court, in Drayson Hall, next to the swimming pool.    


Common sense instructions:   

  1. We are guests of Stowe School.  Parents please ensure your swimmers understand this, and do not interfere with any equipment or go into any unsupervised areas.   
  2. Parents must not try to talk to their swimmers or engage coaches or lifeguards in conversation during a session.  You will be sitting closer to your swimmers than they or you may be used to - please support the coaches by trying not to distract them.
  3. Swimmers must not leave the pool area without making their coach aware, and they must never leave the pool building until collected by their parents or responsible adult.  When moving between the pool and squash courts in Drayson Hall they must always stay close to the Coach in Charge.  
  4. Swimmers or adults must not make contact with Stowe pupils (unless they are also Maxwell members - in which case the coaches will be aware).  If a Stowe pupil enters the area where Maxwell is training we need to ask them to leave and contact security.
  5. Parents can wait in their cars if they wish during training, but unfortunately cannot walk around the grounds, even in school holidays, due to this being a boarding school.
  6. Any accidents/incidents  must be properly documented; this will be managed by the coaches and lifeguards.
  7. The normal Maxwell Rules, Safeguarding and Codes of Conduct apply, and any concerns can be reported to the Club Chair, Head Coach, or Welfare Officer(s)  - via Contact Us  or contact details here
  8. Would all parents please refer to the Club's Pick Up and Drop off policy, which still applies, although it may be necessary to give further advice if it turns out not to be workable for all parents to wait poolside.  At Stowe, it's not possible for swimmers to walk around the grounds without an adult so we will need to ask for your co-operation and also your good ideas on how best to make this work in accordance with the policy.   For example, we may introduce a log book for parents to record where another adult is taking responsibility for their swimmer(s).  
  9. After land training, the coaches will take the swimmers back to the pool / archway /another place TBA for collection.. 
  10. Please, please, ensure that at least two up-to-date emergency contact numbers plus any medical/special needs information is included on TeamUnify and coaches are made aware verbally too. 
  11. We would be grateful for adult volunteers to step up and take responsibility for helping the coaches and lifeguards ensure that all our Club Rules and Safeguarding guidelines are adhered to and developed appropriately, in order to make our time at Stowe as safe, productive and pleasant as possible. 


Please check back regularly for updates.