WSSC A'May'zing Spring Development Meet: VOLUNTEERS & DONATIONS

The Forthcoming AMAYzing Spring Development Meet

Volunteers Still Needed & Donations

Dear Parents


We still have plenty of vacancies for volunteers to help run the May Meet. If you haven’t already committed to help, please can you go online and click job signup next to the event name. It is a great way to help the club and make the time pass quickly – we can’t run the meet without you! If you can’t commit the time, you can bake or donate a raffle prize. If you have connections with a local business that would be happy to donate a prize, we can feature their logo in the meet programme.

Thank you!

Tina Hudson & Andrea O’Connor


Secondhand Swimming Equipment & Costumes Table

Help Raise Funds for FinS

If you have a swimming cupboard at home bulging with old swimming costumes, pull buoys, flippers and kick boards or goggles that never fitted properly etc, and you are unwilling to throw away as they are still in good condition and could go to a new home - WE NEED THEM!

FinS will run a Secondhand Swimming Table at the May Meet next month with all monies raised going to FinS and, in turn, back to the swimmers.

If you have some items you would like to donate, please make sure they are clean and saleable and put in a plastic bag. These can then be given to either Tujan Sari (Haverhill end) or a coach or just bring with you Saturday 11th May first thing. The table will be located next the raffle table poolside.

Thank you!

FinS Team