Captains Report - March 2019

Thanks to our junior captain, Ben Godfrey for his Captain's Report on the Club's Development Gala.

On Sunday 10th of March Clevedon swimming club held 2019’s club development gala; which turned out to be a big success. This was aimed at those swimmers in: improvers, development and junior skills. This gala allowed the younger swimmers to experience and start to understand a racing environment, whilst in the safety of their own training pool. Throughout the evening we witnessed a variety of skills being shown during the races and the coaches were extremely impressed. In every stroke there was fabulous technique being demonstrated, alongside amazing streamlining off each wall; quick turns and transitions; fast breakouts and fast finishes. The gala also consisted of a backstroke kick race to allow the swimmers to show off their kick and streamline to coaches, spectators and fellow swimmers.


During the gala our senior girls club captain, Eva Farmery, showed everyone an impeccable 200m IM swim. This swim allowed her to demonstrate to all the swimmers her: amazing streamlining, her high elbows, fast transitions, flawless technique and no breathing first stroke. Each swimmer was able to watch whilst having our head coach, Pat Leaman, talk through what the swimmers should be looking for and what they can accomplish throughout hard work during training and perseverance. We hope that this demonstration helped to inspire and push the younger swimmers to work hard in order to get the outcome they want in swimming.


Overall the gala was a huge success, helping to develop the younger swimmers skills and understanding. At the end of the gala 10 awards were handed out to those young swimmers who showed incredible skills during their races. The awards were given to: Thomas Prewett, Libby Steadman, Alexander Parish, Laura Smith, Lyra Parsons, Ruby Wedlock, Mia Podmore, Jolee Wong, Darcey Roberts and Neo Streeter. These swimmers showed off a variety of skills such as: amazing streamlining; fast turns; fast breakouts; fabulous technique and a good quality of strokes. We are hoping that this has also helped swimmers to push forward and try to perform their best skills to receive a positive outcome.


We would like to say a massive congratulations to all the swimmers that took part in the gala. And hope to see you all swimming amazingly again.