Peanuts Round 1 - May 19

When a team is selected, it is done based on those who are available and what is best for the team overall. This means that sometimes swimmers are asked to swim strokes they may not like or feel they are best at, BUT, what can be seen from Saturday is that if everyone does there part to the best of their ability, we go and pull a 2nd place out of the hat even with a team that does not have all places filled. If we had a full team we may even have given CoStA a run for their money. #itsallabouttheteam

Every swimmer should be very proud of what they achieved on Saturday, it was a great meet to watch.

Also a very big thank you to all our volunteers, without whom we could not have given our swimmers this chance. They all did a cracking job on Saturday with some issues thrown in.

Division 2 League Points Gala Points
Club R 1 R 2 R 3 Bonus Total R1 R2 R3 Total2 Position
City of St Albans 6       6 209     209 1
Royston 6       6 187     187 2
Potters Bar 5       5 183     183 3
Berkhamsted 5       5 180     180 4
Ware 4       4 178     178 5
Watford 4       4 169     169 7
Hemel Hempstead 3       3 173     173 6
Letchworth 3       3 125     125 9
Bushey 2       2 129     129 8
Welwyn Garden 2       2 124     124 10
Broxbourne 1       1 112     112 11
Buntingford 1       1 55     55 12

The young Berkhamsted swimmers showed that, no matter how many withdrawals they suffer, those who swim invariably step up and perform to their best. In the first round of the Herts Peanuts League season, at Stevenage pool, they turned potential disaster into a superb second place on the night after a gala long battle with Ware and Hemel which saw places changing right to the last event.

Alana Van DeVenter and Austin Clements began the night in the 10 years freestyle (20.69 & 16.88 respectively) with Austin posting the first pb and event win of the night for the club.

Seren Diehl & William Barnes picked up a brace of 2nd places in the 11 years Backstroke (41.58 & 46.33) as Seren dropped her best time by over one and a quarter seconds.

Eze Svichla-Fekete & Chrissie Soulsby pocketed two 3rd places in the 12 years 50m breast (49.28 & 46.20), Eze’s times continue to fall every race, this time by more than 2.5 seconds.

First timers for the club, Lucy Franklin & Jack Barratt posted first time swims in the 9 years 25m Free (26.88 & 23.44) with Barratt ending up 3rd.

In the 10 years fly, Lawson Gray picked up the second win of the night in 18.16, pb after Saya Khalili managed 4th for the girls in 22.36.

Emily Jones and Darshan McGregor both smashed their best times in the 11 years 50m free. 37.12 for Emily Jones and 38.89 for Darshan McGregor saw him inside 40 seconds for the first time in 2nd place.

Amber Tooker dropped over 6 seconds in her backstroke 52.71 and Eric Batt put previous turn troubles behind him to win his race in 38.73.

Zoe Majed, Bea Miller, Franklin & Bella Cliffe finished 3rd in the first of the relays, the 4 x 25m Free for 9-year olds.

Saya Khalili (pb on lead off), Seren Majed, Jess Cutler & Alan Van DeVenter were the 10 years girls medley squad and then the boys, William Franklin, Austin Clements, Lawson Gray & Ollie Brandwood joined forces for 3rd in their Medley in 1:26.18.

The 11-year-old girls set their first relay club best of the night in the Free with Seren Diehl, Emily Jones, Issy Whitaker & Eva Lawson romping to the win in 1:05.06 and they were followed by the boys, Rocco Adatti, William Barnes, Darshan McGregor & Joe Harrison claiming a super 2nd place in 1:09.82.

Amber Tooker set a backstroke pb leading off, Kate Hopper, Chrissie Soulsby & Emma Hockney were 4th in their medley and then Eric Batt improved his backstroke time ahead of Eze Svichla-Fekete, Ronan Philbin & Andrew Corner on the anchor leg brought the boys home in 3rd place.

The second set of individuals began with Bea Miller & William Franklin in the 9 year old free races. Bea Miller clocked 27.07 & Lucy Franklin 24.16 to come home in 2nd for the boys.

Seren Majed took another club victory in the 10 years breast 23.52 and late call up Ollie Brandwood in his first Peanuts race posted 25.16 for 2nd.

Eva Lawson then set her own 25m fly pb and lowered the club 11 years best with 16.16 to win and Joe Harrison improved by over 2 seconds to 20.06.

Emma Hockney’s 32.28 was enough to hit the pads in 2nd place for the 12 years free, then 11 year old Andrew Corner, swimming up, improved to 39.39.

Bella Cliffe was 3rd in her 25m Breast in 26.29 and another first timer, Jack Barratt, was 4th in his breast with 32.90.

Jess Cutler’s back time of 21.12 saw her knock her best down by 4 seconds in the 10 years event with Lawson Gray taking the win for the boys in 21.52 (pb).

Issy Whitaker is chopping chunks off her times every swim at the moment and strolled home in the 11 years 50m Breast, lowering her time by almost 4 seconds to clock 45.30 for the win with Rocco Adatti in third for the boys.

Kate Hopper tackled the 50m fly for the girls and Ronan Philbin finished in 40.59.

With matters still very close and the club in 3rd place the final relays decided the overall picture.

The 9 years girls made in two third places in their relays with 1:53.76 in the medley.

Jess Cutler, Saya Khalili, Alana Van DeVenter & Seren Majed put their medley relay d/q behind them to come home a solid 2nd in the Free relay, 1:14.95 whilst the boys posted 3rd again as Jack Barratt replaced William Franklin from the 9 years boys swimming up) in 1:16.91.

Issy Whitaker, Eva Lawson, Emily Jones & Seren Diehl had to settle for 2nd in their Medley but still had enough to take the club record down by over a second to 1:15.66 including a pb on lead off for Issy Whitaker.

The boys 11 years squad came home 4th and in the final age group relays the four girls (Chrissie Soulsby, Amber Tooker, Katie Hopper & Emma Hockney) came home third and the boys won their event in 1:05.27.

With final positions still in doubt ahead of the squadron race, Zoe Majed, William Franklin, Seren Majed, Austin Clements, Eva Lawson, Joe Harrison, Emma Hockney & Eze Svichla-Fekete settled matters with a convincing win in 2:17.46 to place the club in 2nd place on the night.

Please note, we are awaiting confirmation of the placings from last night.

The next round will be on 8th June and the team look forward to the rest of the league season.

Geoff Wood

Head Coach