Club Captain's Reports for May

Junior Club Captain Reports For May 2019:

Regional Championships by  Ben Godfrey Junior Club Captain

Regionals is a massive Swimming Gala which covers the South West of England. Counties within this region are: Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Dorset and Wiltshire. The region consists of approximately 150 swimming clubs! To get to Regionals, you must first get either a regional consideration time or a regional entry time. For the past two weekends Clevedon have been very successful in our Swim South West Regionals for age groups 11 to 14. We have had at least one swimmer proudly representing our club in every single event at regionals. Those older swimmers within the club, the 15 years and over age group, have also done exceptionally well. 

This year many of our swimmers in Performance Squad and a few from other squads, represented Clevedon ASC and went to Regionals. These included Jamie Steadman, Caden Best, Sam Ledward, George Blessit, Benjamin Godfrey, Riley Price, Imogen Bamber, Giselle Fitton, Malia Smith and Josie Ballam. They all swam extremely well with lots of fast and exciting racing and gaining PBs. The first weekend was at Hengrove Leisure Centre and the second weekend was at Millfield Swimming Pool.

To go to regionals is a great honour. You feel a lot of pride and achievement and if you are truly committed and excited to be there, then you feel as if you belong there. As Regionals is such a big gala you can feel very nervous. For example, you could be thinking “What if I mess up?”. There is no reason to be nervous if you give it your best shot and show the region who you are! Regionals is a very tough and hard competition of which consists amazing swimmers which is what makes the pressure really get to you, but that can also be the adrenaline and motivation that powers you through the water. Regionals is a great Gala and is a 110% worth making your goal to get there. “If you believe, you will succeed!”

Regionals is not a one-time thing, you can go year after year providing you achieve the qualifying entry times. For the younger swimmers who wish to be at regionals and go onto have great achievements in swimming, then Regionals could be where it all starts. Regionals is not a short-term goal, it is more of a long-term goal but if you reach high and you believe in yourself then you have a very high and good chance of making regionals.

If you think of some famous swimmers such as Adam Peaty (Team GB World Record Breastroke swimmer) to get to the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games Adam Peaty would have started at Regionals and worked, his way up. Do you want to be like Adam Peaty and get to international swimming galas? Then regionals are the place to start.


Youth regionals by Eva Farmery, Senior Club Captain 

On the 4th of May; swimmers from Clevedon swimming club travelled down to Plymouth to compete in 2019’s youth regionals. 

Over the course of the bank holiday weekend we saw amazing swims from Eva Farmery, Sam Streeter, Finlay Smith, Bertie Williams and Jamie Steadman. These five swimmers trained hard all year to get here and it showed in their races.

With swimmers gaining their first time experience down at Plymouth, achieving personal best times and resetting new goals. The youth regionals turned out to be an impressive gala.

Overall this was a great success with Clevedon’s swimmers racing amazingly. With new goals set we hope to see these five training harder to reach new heights and are looking forward to seeing many more swimmers travelling down to race in the youth regionals.

A massive thank-you to head coach Pat Leaman for supporting the swimmers each step of the way. Well done to everyone and bring on the new season. 


County Development Programme 2019 – Session 1 - by Eloise Cash, Junior Club Captain

On Saturday the 27th of April 2019 three Clevedon ASC members, along with 33 other children across clubs in Somerset, attended the 2019 County Development Programme. Amelie Dorrington, Eloise Cash and Riley Price all worked very hard to train with lead coach of the programme James Clarke, from Millfield school.

The day began with us being put into groups. In our groups, we talked to each other and introduced ourselves. Then we started our first land training session. In this session, we walked round and completed different activities that helped us with different parts of our body; the core; the calves; the shoulders; the glutes  and many more. One of the many activities helped us with our backstroke starts; we stood backwards and threw a heavy medicine ball over our heads and to our partner.

After an hour of land training, we headed to the pool. For one hour we worked on our underwater streamlining. One of the main things they got us to do was to squeeze everything in our body together. We also looked at our arm and head position while we were in a streamline form. At the start of the session, only  around 10 people streamlined past the flags on every length. At the end, every single person did it. It was an easy set as they said that they don’t want us to work too hard. After our lunch, we did post pool and more swimming.

In conclusion, we all learnt a lot from every session in the programme. We have all been working extra hard in training sessions and been focusing on how we can perfect our skills to become regional swimmers.