County Pathway Camp 2 - Captain's Report

County Pathway Camp 20/07/19

On Saturday 20th July, at Millfield School, Eloise Cash, Amelie Dorrington and Riley Price attended the second County Pathway Camp  along with 28 other 11 year old swimmers from around the county.

During the day, we participated in two hours of land training, two hours of swimming in the pool and one hour of a classroom based workshop.

In the first session of swimming we recapped on what we had learnt before – streamlining -  and then focused on front crawl and the body positioning we have to be in to move quickly through the water.

In session two of swimming, we focused on backstroke and rotation of our bodies and our head positioning.

In land training, we performed a range of exercises and stretches to help with our pre and post pool.

At the end of the day, we sat down with our groups and went through a presentation on performance lifestyle.

In this, Head Coach from Millfield and Team Somerset, James Clarke talked to us about how elite athletes manage their lives and told us how we need to balance our lives according to our training.

He also, for next session, asked us to think about setting our own goals for what we hope to achieve in our swimming career.

By Eloise Cash, Junior Club Captain 2019.