If a swimmer has to get out of their session early through illness or injury, they will be asked to remain on poolside until their parent arrives.  If a swimmer knows they will have to get out early for a particular reason in advance of the session, this has to be cleared with the coach.  If this has not been discussed and the parent is not present, the swimmer will be asked to remain on poolside until the parent arrives.  We ask where possible that parents remain within the building whilst their swimmer is attending their training session. If you do need to leave your swimmer, please ensure that a member of the coaching team is aware and leave a contact telephone number in case of emergency.

If your swimmer is aged 16 or under, they must wait for you inside the building until collected.

There have also been a number of incidents recently involving swimmers behaviour in the changing rooms, personal property has been damaged, lost/stolen also swimmers have been injured as the result of silly behaviour.  Once in the changing rooms the swimmers are the responsibility of their parents.

If we continue to have issues in the changing rooms we will have to look at implementing a parent chaperone rota, this has proved successful at other clubs to stamp out any behavioural issues, can I remind you all that our swimmers are representing the Swim Club at all times (including training) in a public swimming pool and changing area.

Coaches are only responsible for your swimmer whilst they are on poolside. 

We will shortly be asking all our swimmers and parents to sign/update the Clubs code of conduct documents.


Thank you for your support

Jenny Bull & Kym Withers

Welfare Officers