Alan Doyle Memorial Meet Feb 20

Thank you as always to the volunteers and officials who support athletes and Club.


Once again, the Alan Doyle sprint meet for Novices produced much bounty for Berkhamsted’s swimmers.

The 100 IM saw pbs for Rachel Little, Kate Hopper, Mia Maslen-Wollington, Issy Whitaker, Phoebe Goss, Charlotte Holmes-Higgin, Evie Watson (by a massive 11 seconds) & Izzy MacDonald for the girls. Meanwhile, for the boys, Ronan Philbin, Noah Przygrodzki (11 seconds) and Nat Costelloe also set mew figures. Nat Costelloe improved so much, just over 27 seconds, that he won a super trophy for most improved boy to keep.

Nat Costelloe also improved his 50 Breast to 57.57, as did Ronan Philbin, George Gray and Seb Bohn while George Thorne made the final with 36.05 which he lowered further to 34.14 in the final itself.

There were Breast finals and wins for Tamsin Moren and Evie Watson with Charlotte Holmes-Higgin getting another pb in 1:00.61.

The 50 Free is a popular event and after pbs for Rachel Little (44.34) & Martha Goss (52.91), Ava Bartlett, Kate Hopper, Tamsin Moren, Abi Hewson & Evie Watson made finals. Tamsin Moren again took the gold medal. Ava Bartlett improved to 38.15 as did Kate Hopper to a new pb of 31.10, Tamsin Moren to 29.36 & Evie Watson setting a pb in heat and final ending with 30.49 in her final. Mia Maslen-Wollington dropped to 32.39, Caitie Walters to 32.68, Issy Whitaker went down to 35.52, Bella Walker went inside 40 for the first time with 39.13 and Charlotte Holmes-Higgin improved yet again to 42.77. Emily Head lowered her pb to 36.12 & Izzy MacDonald dropped to 33.49.

For the boys 50 Free, Nat Costlloe’s great day continued with 37.50, a 6 second pb, Charles Allum-Brown put IM disappointment behind him  to record 44.58 and Jack Moss logged 49.59. Noah Przygrodzki improved as well as did Bohn and David Graham while George Thorne made another final with 27.12.

In the backstroke races Ava Bartlett finalled and Rachel Little made another pb with 54.60. Caitie Walters knocked on the 40 second door with 40.39, Phoebe Goss’ new pb now sits at 41.36, Nell Coster went quicker with 42.94 and Charlotte Holmes-Higgin clocked 51.81. Lydia Wisely made her final as did Tamsin Moren & Izzy MacDonald although all just slightly off their best again. Lara Coster shaved 0.01 off her best to 37.95 and Head removed a massive 12.57 seconds from her best to go 43.21. Abi Hewson finalled again as did Evie Watson, dropping over 4 seconds. GB Downs Syndrome swimmer, Ciara McKenna was delighted to get bronze in her 50m fly, setting a pb in 1:15. Charlotte Holmes-Higgin improved over 22 seconds with 50.58 and there were further finals for Tamsin Moren & Lydia Wisely alongside Ronan Philbin for the boys who went 2 seconds quicker than before and brother Pierce went pb with 39.68 and George Thorne made another final.

Other swimmers at the meet were Lucy & William Franklin, Destiny Carnell, Lawson & George Gray and Austin Clements.

Geoff Wood

Head Coach