Culford Sports Centre Users: PARKING & DRIVING ON SITE

Dear Culford Sports Centre User,

I am writing to remind all users and visitors to the Culford Sports Centre to exercise caution when driving and particularly when parking on site.

We are fortunate to be able to share our facilities with the local community and welcome visitors to the Sports Centre however as activity on site has developed over recent years this has led to an increase of vehicles on site.

The Sports Centre carpark can get very busy with parents and small children walking to and from the Centre across the carpark. We recently had a recorded near miss in this space and particular care should be taken when using this carpark.

We do have alternative parking available in the evening and at weekends on North Front in front of the main school building and at PrePrep near the main school gates. There is also a large carpark off Church Drive by the Walled Garden astro.

Some time ago we identified the need to improve lighting and increase space for parking on site and have been liaising with the local authority to try obtain planning permission to deliver this within a five year site plan.

In the mean time we have to manage the current parking space and lighting to the best of our ability within the planning constraints current in place.

Dangerous driving and parking is a huge risk for us on site and we do take action if we identify any visitors, parents or staff that do not support our request for consideration in this regard. A reminder that there is a 15mph speed limit in place across the site 24 hours a day!


Thank you for your support