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Online land training starts tonight!
We hope you are all keeping safe and well in what can only be described as extraordinary times!

We have been working hard to come up with ways to keep our swimmers fit, in contact with each other and to be there to help each other out over what is likely to be a very difficult few months.

Swimmers are used to a sense of routine and we would suggest developing a routine for mental and physical wellbeing over the next few months. Getting up at a sensible time, doing a series of stretches when they get out of bed, spending time outside (in the garden or going for a walk) - will all help!

As part of this we have developed an online training program that the coaching team will be running - starting tonight. 

We will be using the Zoom technology to provide social interaction as part of the sessions. To meet the necessary guidelines this should be set up by parents and not the under 18s. Parents should also ensure swimmers are carrying out the land training in a suitable space and where appropriate should supervise (especially with younger members). The safety of our swimmers is obviously of paramount importance - it is therefore essential that parents carry out their own risk assessment before swimmers join each session.
At this stage we have not included Masters. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange a similar masters event or if you fancy joining in with one of the other groups!!
The link to the Zoom App will be sent to the WhatsApp groups. Please contact your squad co-ordinator if you are not in the correct group:
Regional +  : Marcia ( [email protected] )
Regional  :  Natasha ( [email protected] )
County  :  Lorraine ( [email protected] )
SD2  Michelle ( [email protected] )
SD1  :  Rosy ([email protected])  
Academy :  Lorraine  [email protected] )
As we will not be paying pool hire during this period members should reduce their standing orders to £5 per swimmer. This will allow the club to pay coaches for their time running the online training

We will assume that by changing the standing order you are agreeing to your swimmer taking part in the sessions and using the video technology.

We will obviously stick to the safeguarding/wavepower guidelines we normally work to - as such swimmers taking part should be dressed appropriately.

The idea is to get things started and we can review how things go over the next few weeks. Longer term we have the option to add more sessions, invite guest instructors etc to keep everyone motivated and engaged.

Can we also ask everyone to keep talking through the WhatsApp groups and please keep a close eye on our Twitter account, Facebook page and website. It is up to all of us to keep our swimmers involved and please feel free to share ideas, video clips etc - a number of those shared over the last few days are certainly worth watching.
Any problems - please let us know. Take care and keep in touch.