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Lockdown Life at Tring Swimming Club

It’s been a great week for….

As the Club goes into lockdown, the swimmers and coaches have been unleashing their creativity and spirit. And it’s been an amazing first week.

From swimming….to running!  

Rhys kicked off TSC’s Running Club - a couple of miles round Tring, first thing, all swimmers invited. Florence joined Rhys for the first run. With the new social distancing requirements, the idea has moved to using the Strava app for all swimmers to log their runs. Who’s in?  Great initiative Rhys!

Catch the guys in action here

Who’s zoomin’ who?

Chloe and Molly kicked off a fantastic daily land training routine with expert coaching for all the older swimmers, all online. Rolled up towels, a bottle of Flash liquid and tins of tomatoes have all been used for equipment, as we’ve trained, kicked and kept all those swimming muscles moving, on the kitchen floor, living room and garden.

Recorded sessions to be uploaded here soon.

Everyone’s invited!

Marcy and Annabelle got the younger swimmers started on their own dedicated land training schedule last night too! 16 joined in, so there’s plenty of room for more. Try it out, as you can wave to your swim buddies while you exercise!  

Here’s what you’ve been saying….

‘Very proud of Rhys for getting it up and running in the first place!’

‘So, so lovely to hear all the swimmers working out, and my girls giggling together.’

 ‘So impressed to see how well the online land training is going.’

‘Yet again the club’s great community spirit is shining through.’

‘Thank you that was great!!’

‘These sessions have been brilliant. A godsend in these difficult times.’


Onwards and Upwards

As we head into week 2, here’s some great advice from Mark Foster posted on our Twitter feed

And you’ll find more positive messages from Britain’s top swimmers here.

Here’s a great one from Olympic swimming coach David Hemmings

Question of the Week

County squad swimmer Ri was asked what’s been the most interesting activities that have got her through week 1. She said “Painting and exercise classes with swimming.”

What’s kept you going this week?

And over the next week consider this,  

What’s your best swimming motivational quote?

Email me on [email protected] and we’ll post your responses. Photos and videos will be great! 

Keep working out, keep well and stay safe.

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