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You can't keep a TSC swimmer out of water for long!

With the new guidelines coming into force allowing outdoor activity with restrictions, to resume again, open water swimming suddenly became a very attractive proposition for anyone dying to get back into the water again.

And with the glorious warm temperatures, many of you have started to take advantage.

Keeping strictly to distancing guidelines, several Tring swimming families have each tried out the re-opened venues…. And loved it!

Here’s what you’ve been saying:

Morgan enjoyed Denham Lake, at a 'warm-bath' temperature of 21 degrees.

Lucy and Johnny have been back with avengance at both Denham Waterski Club and Merchant Taylors.

Liquid Leisure has also been a winner. 

Many TSC members have been or are now also planning their own visits - Rhys, Talia, Bella, Ri, Erin, Marcy, Charlie, Zoe.  Great to hear so many of you are joining in!

Do send in your photos and comments to share. See our growing gallery below. 

And don’t forget to practise every stroke…  we’ll be back in the pool soon enough, and that training will feel extra hard!

#lovetringswimming #wellbeback



What a pleasure to be back for Head Coach....


And he's off....