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Tier2/High meaning for London Aquatics Clubs

Please always see Swim England website for all up to date info.

This is the link to their FAQs:

There is a section called ‘Questions for Clubs’, the last question is:

How does the new 3 tier system introduced by the Government affect my club?

This is what is stated:

The following is our interpretation of the guidance.

All aquatic clubs operating in a Medium Local Covid Alert Area remain unaffected by the latest Government announcements and should continue to operate as previously, following the Swim England Returning to the Pools Guidance closely and ensuring social distancing is maintained as outlined in the guidance.

In Very High Local Alert Areas, there is the scope to close leisure facilities including pools.

In a High or Very High Local Covid Alert Area (where pools remain open), the guidance released by Government does not change the activity that can be undertaken by swimming, artistic swimming and diving clubs. These clubs should follow the Swim England Returning to the Pools Guidance for Clubs.

For water polo clubs in a High or Very High Local Covid Alert Area, competitive activity can continue for under 18-year-olds as per the Swim England Water Polo Return to Team Sport guidance. Over 18-year-olds can only train in groups of up to six and in a way that enables social distancing to be maintained at all times, which means that no competitive activity or matchplay can be undertaken. This means they must follow the guidance in the water polo section of the Swim England Returning to the Pool Guidance for Clubs.