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Competitive Racing is Back!

It has been a long time coming, but competitive racing at TSC is back!

From 1st to 22nd of November, Tring Swimming Club will be joining Swim England’s Level X.
PLUS the Club is launching its very own ‘Tring Swimming Club League’.  
Level X
Level X will provide our swimmers with the opportunity to get competitive and start racing again! During their usual Sunday night sessions, swimmers will complete a series of officiated races unique to their squad. Their times will be recorded and submitted to a secure database that will be used to generate the Level X Virtual Leader Boards! (The first of which will be published on the 30 th of November) 
This will allow swimmers all across the country to see how their times rank in their age group at a County, Regional and National level for the first time since March! 
As Level X swims won’t be licensed, they won’t show on swimmers’ official list of PBs – but will give them a great chance to make a competitive statement to themselves, the coaches and other clubs in our county. 
Tring Swimming Club League (TSCL)
Inspired by the current International Swimming League, the TSCL is our own exciting addition to Level X, devised by our coaching team, where points mean prizes! 
During this club wide league event, swimmers will be awarded points for the times they achieve in their Level X swims, with added bonuses for PBs and Age Group Club Records! Based on our recent assessment week and time trials, we’re eagerly expecting lots of PBs! After each racing session, parents and swimmers can track the progress on our social media with updated weekly leader boards and posts about our top performers. 
After the four Sundays of racing, points will be totalled to conclude the league and top point scorers in each age group (age as of 31/12/20) will be handsomely rewarded! There will also be special recognition for top performers in each stroke discipline. To be in with a chance of winning, swimmers must swim ALL their required events to the best of their ability. 
How will swimmers be scored?:   
Swimmers will be scored using FINA Points, which uses a universal algorithm created by the International Swimming Federation to compare times to the current world record in each event. Brilliantly, FINA Points eliminate gender bias, allowing us to run a club wide league with no need to divide swimmers up by gender. For example, a 1:05.00 100 free would score a male swimmer 330 points, but score a female swimmer 462 points. 
Entry requirements?   
Academy swimmers are not eligible for Level X, but will be taking part in the club league. The only requirement for participation in Level X and our TSCL is a flat fee of £5 that covers all events your swimmer participates in. This money will all go towards funding cool prizes for our swimmers, and will be added onto your monthly club membership payment for November (unless you inform us by 7pm Friday 30 th that your swimmer does not wish to take part).
Our first racing session is Sunday 1 st of November!  Email us for the race schedule so all the swimmers know what events to expect.
We can't wait to see some awesome swimming and great races!