Entry and Entry Times to Poolside for Main Pool Swimmers

Please see below some changes to our covid procedures for our swim sessions from June 2021.

Entry to sessions for the main pool
Junior Development Squad (formerly Development & Advanced Development Squad)
There are no changes to their sessions on a Friday or Sunday. The squad will be collected from outside the leisure centre 10 minutes before the start time i.e. on a Friday the sessions starts at 6pm - swimmers should be outside at 5.50pm
Junior Performance Squad
Swimmers will now arrive 15 minutes before their session start time and enter the centre normally through the turnstile, we have been issued with barcodes to operate these and it is important that all swimmers use them and do not disturb the centre staff or go over/under them. The vast majority of them have phones and they can download the stocard app and add the barcode to it.  Please see email to members for this code or contact us for it.

They will make their way onto poolside where they will find a space on the spectator gallery side of the pool where their coaches will support them with their pre-pool warm up (video's sent out last week). As the previous squad exits the pool JPS swimmers will move around to the opposite side via the shallow end.

Friday session start time 7.05pm - arrive poolside at 6.50pm
Sunday session start time 5.05pm - arrive poolside at 4.50pm
Senior Performance Squad
SPS will follow the same process as JPS arriving 15 minutes before the sessions start time.
Friday session start time 8.10pm - arrive on poolside at 7.55pm
Sunday sessions start time 7.05pm - arrive on poolside at 6.50pm
Monday sessions start time 7pm - arrive on poolside 6.45pm (I need to be there before you can come in and we will do our pre-pool at the deep end of the pool)
Tuesday session start time 7pm - arrive on poolside 6.45pm (as Monday - I will need to be there before you enter)
Thursday (Osprey) sessions start time 8pm - arrive and be on poolside starting your pre-pool by 7.50pm 
Saturday (kick set) sessions start time 5pm - arrive on poolside at 4.45pm
The barcode can be viewed in the original email to members to download to the stocard app or contact us.
I need to be really clear about 1610 expectations about us returning to the spectator gallery.
1. There will be no spectating of the small pool from the reception area. No exceptions.
2. WDSC parents can now start using the gallery but we ask that you minimise the number per swimmer - ideally 1 parent per swimmer as there is limited space.
3. You must wear a face mask (until restrictions are removed)
4. The area immediately behind the gallery area (where the lockers/toilets are) must not be used as a meeting point and must be kept clear at all times. Any children that are with you must remain in the gallery with you and seated.
5. If these conditions are not met then parents ability to spectate will be removed even after covid.
Small Pool
I am looking at ways we can get them inside prior to the session and will be in touch soon. 
Thank you
Colin Cracknell
Head Coach
West Dorset Swimming Club
Dorchester Sports Centre, Coburg Road, Dorchester,
Dorset, DT1 2HR |  [email protected]