Pre-Pool Warm Up - Starting January 2022

From January we will be reintroducing our Pre Pool Warm Ups at sessions where we are able to gain access to the pool early. This will mean our sessions are starting earlier to allow swimmers time to go through this. This includes the following sessions. We will be going through the exercises over the next few weeks when we have extra pool time on the Xmas schedule. 


All Trinity sessions will begin a minimum of 5 minutes earlier - This means swimmers need to be changed and ready to enter poolside at least 5 minutes before the session starts. 

  • Mornings at Trinity we are allowed access from 5.55am, 
  • Monday PM at Trinity  we can get onto the poolside from 5.40pm and don’t usually get in the water till 5.50pm due to lane ropes being put in. 
  • Tuesday PM at trinity Both groups starting at 7.15pm can access 10 minutes early (7.05pm) Academy group can enter poolside from 8pm. 
  • Thursday PM (Bedford Girls School) 10 mins early for both sessions
  • Thursday PM (Bedford School) 7pm start
  • Friday PM (Robinson) 5.45pm start
  • Saturday PM (Trinity) 3.20pm Start
  • Sunday AM (Luton) 7.45am start
  • Sunday PM (Bedford School) 5.15pm start

Pre-Pool Warm Up Exercises can be found here