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Introducing the new CSCSC Kit…

To view our new team kit and to place your order, please click on team kit

The Zipped Cotton Hoodie (Arena Pressure), Performance Shirt (Arena Charge), and Arena Moulded Silicone Cap (in a choice of Green or White) carry the new CSCSC logo and are mandatory as of your first swim meet in the autumn.

The Cotton Drawstring Track Bottoms (Arena Filler) and Performance Shorts (Arena Gauge) are available at your discretion and compliment the mandatory kit. They do not carry the CSCSC logo.

The Cotton T-Shirt (Arena Charge) is a CSCSC-branded supporters’ t-shirt which we encourage parents and supporters to wear at swim meets. These are for supporters only, and not to be worn by swimmers.

Individual prices are listed below, but purchased together as a set; the 3-piece kit is £53 (VAT inclusive).  Additionally, we will offer it at a further discount of £45 until 31 December 2015.

Arena Pressure*

Zipped Cotton Hoodie


Arena Charge*

Performance Shirt


Arena Moulded Silicone Cap*



Arena Filler

Cotton Track Bottoms


Arena Gauge

Performance Shorts


Arena Clamp (supporters only - not for swimmers)

Cotton T-Shirt


(* are mandatory)

Please note these prices carry a significant wholesaler discount further reduced by a high volume order.

Should you have any questions please email Tom Watson, Team Manager, [email protected]

If, on receipt of your kit, you find the size incorrect, it is possible to exchange for the correct size so long as you try any items on over dry swim gear.

The kit is expected to be available for Mid-October.