Counties 2016 - Relay Team

Amersham 2016 County Relays Team

Age as at 31/12/2016)

Below is the selected relay team for the Counties Relay Competition. Please speak to your coach if you have any queries/issues.

This is the last session of Counties (Session 9) at the Maidenhead Leisure center on the 6th February 2016. Warm up starts at 18.00. Be warned, this session is the busiest so if you want a seat get there early (or bring your own.....).

For more information click here to see the Event details.

16 YEARS & UNDER: 4x100m Teams

Sophie Lawrence

Georgie Bradley

Amy Hortop

Harriet McGrath

Steph Roycroft

Roisin Hyne

Ellie Lock

Amber Restall

Katie Thompson


2 Freestyle teams

2 Medley teams

Jamie Irwin

Jamie Owen

Peter Dalzell

Ellis Morgan

Liam Ballard






1 Freestyle teams

1 Medley teams

12 – 13 YEARS: 4x100m Teams

Ella Peters

Maddie Stares

Georgina Lewis

Jenna Lee Campbell

May McKenny

Lauren Cliffe

Alice Crowston

Becky Saunders

Lucy West


2 Freestyle teams

2 Medley teams

Tim Everett

Ellis Morgan

Dylan Woolven

Thomas Hortop

James Dolan

Tom Mahoney

Joey Bennetts

Nicholas Michau



2 Freestyle teams

2 Medley teams

10 – 11 YEARS: 4x50m Teams

Emily Roycroft

Jasmine Van Rest

Kreswin Smith

Eloise Hemsworth

Isabella Stares

Evie Brown

Brigitte Chapman

Hannah Ashby

Rebecca Donn



2 Freestyle teams

2 Medley teams

Alexander Bainbridge

Richard Jenkins

George Mowbray

Bailey Cameron








1 Freestyle team

1 Medley team