Note from Counties - Sun 17th January



On leaving the pool this evening I was informed by the duty manager that they have a double booking tomorrow morning for the pool area.  This relates to lessons in the learner pool.  I was asked to delay our start by one hour.  The good news is that we have negotiated for this not to be the case and we will start at the previously scheduled times.  However there will now be new arrangements on the movement of people around the centre.  In order to minimise noise in the pool area, these will be as follows:


Swimmers will not be allowed to enter the changing rooms until 09:00.  Before this time swimmers should congregate in the main hall.


Coaches will not be allowed on poolside until 09:00.  Coaches will be prevented by Centre staff from going upstairs and will be asked to congregate in the main hall with the swimmers until 09:00.


Officials will not be allowed in the changing rooms or on poolside until 09:45.  Officials should use the dry side changing rooms and congregate in the Coral Suite ahead of this time.


Spectators will not be allowed to go anywhere other than into the main hall until 09:45.  Sports Centre staff at the Magnet will be operating a queuing system on the tiered seating in the main hall.  First in the main hall will be first up the stairs.  Any spectators loitering in the reception area will be prevented from going upstairs.  The duty managers rules not mine!  Accordingly, spectators will not be allowed to watch the warm-up.


i would appreciate it if could disseminate this information as widely as possible ahead of tomorrow morning.


Stuart Fillingham

BSB ASA Performance Swimming Events Manager