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Camden Swiss Cottage Swimmers dive into the New Year

Camden Swiss Cottage Swimmers dive into the New Year

Turkey and Christmas Pudding were quickly put aside as a group of Camden Swiss Cottage swimmers dived into 2016 at the Borough of Walthamstow Gators New Year Meet, which was held at the 50m Olympic pool at the London Aquatic Centre.

Seeing the New Year in with gold were Madeleine Liddell (9), Amelia Dowell (10), Antoine Divet (10), Leo He (10), Louis Levison (10), Annelise O'Connell (11), Patrick Wilson (11), Emily Pelling (12), Amir Castronovo (12), Yann Divet (12), Drew Dill (13), Emile Barou (13), Gabriel Duval (13), Celine Markantonis (14), Tucker Moran (14), Graham Brantley (15), Filip Marjanovic (15) and Sissel Anderson (16).

Striking silver were Madeleine Liddell (9), Nik Markov (9), Cindy Gholami (10), Ella McEver (10), Alex Chen (11), William Chen (11), Patrick Wilson (11), Amir Castronovo (12), Yann Divet (12), Drew Dill (13), Emilie Barou (13), Gabriel Duval (13), Dylan Moran (13), Ennis Barnett (14) and Sissel Andreson (16).

Bronze medallists were Madeleine Liddell (9), Isobel O'Rourke (9), Nik Markov (9), Ella Podurgiel (10), Luka Cutler (10), Max Zinin (11), Allie Gruber (12), Lottie Liddell (12), Emilie Pelling (12), Isabelle Chen (13), Gabriel Duval (13), Ennis Barnett (14) and Graham Brantley (15).

The Camden Swiss Cottage team made a great start to the new calendar year - all the signs are promising as we head towards the first marker of the season, the Middlesex County Championships, which start at Barnet on 23rd January.