TVL Information:

TVJL - 27th February
A team at home (Amersham)
B Team at Bracknell
Message from Maureen:
If you have been selected to swim the team list is posted on the notice board on the Spectator Gallery.
Please tick your name for availability and if not able to swim let us know either on pool-side or by email.
This is a prestigious league and those selected must have a good reason not to swim. In the past Amersham
A team have won the League several times. Amersham, along with Maidenhead are the only Clubs to have
two teams entered. If swimming in the B team you may have the opportunity to progress to the A team
depending on your times.

B team:
All swimmers to assemble at at Amersham Library car park to travel by coach. The cost is ?10 per person.
This only goes a short way to cover the cost of hiring transport. There will be room for supporters. All swimmers should have an Amersham shirt and hat. Please have spare swim wear, goggles,towels and clothes to keep warm between races. No food is permitted on pool-side but water bottles are essential to keep swimmers hydrated throughout the
A packed meal can be eaten on the coach but all rubbish should be taken home or put in any bins provided.
The warm up is at 6.15pm for a 6.45pm start and last approximately 2hours.
I hope everyone has an enjoyable evening. Any queries please let me know.
Maureen Tomlinson B team manager