Reminder: Watford SC County Qualifier Entry Deadline 1st July 2016


A quick reminder :

The deadline to enter the Watford SC County Qualifier (19th & 20th November 2016) on our website is the 1st July (this friday).

You need to enter via the website and leave a cheque for the meet fees (£7.50 for 400m Free & IM events and £6.00 per other events + £3 Admin fee per swimmer) in the meet box which is located on the 1st floor gallery as you walk through the doors. Cheques made payable to "Amersham Swimming Club Open Meet".

We have to pre-pay for each entry, so will reject your entry if we have not received the cheque by the 1st July 2016 deadline.

All eligible swimmers are expected to attend (primarily CD + JD squads).

PE squads please note we will also be entering a Guildford level 2 meet on this weekend. If you are likely to qualify then please do not enter Watford and wait for forthcoming information regarding Guildford.

Click here to access the event.