Amersham SC Website down for Maintenance over the Bank Holiday

Amersham SC Website Down for Maintenance over the Bank Holiday

We are excited to announce that on Friday August 26th starting around 4:00 PM GMT the Amersham SC website will be migrated to a localized UK version  of the TeamUnify platform for clubs in ASA. This process will take between 48 to 60 hours to complete and during this time there  will be no access  to the website.

This is the first phase of the conversion, and localisation features will include:

  • Date Format: Day/Month/Year
  • Time Zone: GMT
    • Events and News Items will archive at 12:01 AM GMT
    • Automatic Emails will be sent out on GMT
  • Currency: £ replaces the $ symbol
  • Terminology
    • Squads replaces Roster Group
    • Postal Code replaces Zip Code
    • County replaces State

This will also allow us to integrate to a online payment system later in the year, so we can get rid of those pesky cheques! More information about this in the coming months.


Thank you

Ian Everett
ASC Secretary & Website