November Newsletter - Swim Hard Dream Big!

Message from Head Coach

FSC swimmers continued their winning ways during the month of November with swimmer representation at the prestigious South East Regional Winter Championships.  Jennifer Holland competed very well in the 50m and 100m Breaststroke event and finished in the top 20 in both of her events in seasonal best times!  Well done Jennifer!

FSC had another nail biting Arena League Gala in a very competitive match in Southampton.  FSC rallied throughout the gala in either of the top three spots but with a couple of key disqualifications finished in 3rd place in a very close gala.  Worthing finished up in the top spot with 220 points, Littlehampton finished in the runner up spot just 1 point behind with 219 points and FSC 3rd with 211 points.  Even with this narrow defeat FSC will participate in the promotional gala being held at the Aldershot Garrison pool Saturday evening December 10th.  A Fantastic result and a great team effort could see FSC promoted into Division 1. 

Two weekends later saw FSC swimmers take to the competitive Atlantis Open Meet in Horsham.  FSC swimmers again performed very well, winning many medals and achieving more County qualifying times and Automatic and Base Regional Qualifying times.  A fantastic well done too all of you who competed!

At months end was the challenge of the IM test set in a series of PRIDE Test Sets to be held over the next couple of weeks.  Swimmers really gave it their all and achieved PRIDE Key Fobs for their efforts ranging from level 1 all the way to the most challenging level 5 award.  PRIDE Test sets to look forward to; Sunday 5th December Kick set and Stroke Set, Tuesday 6th the Sprint Freestyle set and finally on Tuesday 13th the Distance Freestyle set.  Squad PRIDE Test Set information can be found on the FSC website.

We are truly having a GREAT season, let’s keep it going!  My advice to all swimmers is to ’Be the swimmer who is working the hardest and the swimmer who is having the most fun’ a winning combination - being the best you can be! 

Coach Martin

Message From Chairman

Weather's getting cold, but the heat is still on at FSC, what a month November was! National Arena League, Club Champs, a fantastic Mini Meet, external competitions and galas, and more! 

First of all, we should all congratulate our Masters team, who competed in the Nationals in Sheffield; the club is truly proud of your devotion and achievements, well done! 

Also, really happy to see our Minnows programme doubling in numbers, with loads of young, enthusiastic swimmers enjoying their time in the little pool. Our Minnows teachers, Gemma and Holly are now joined by our older volunteer swimmers who will be supporting them with more fun activities, practice drills and games!

 I was also really excited to see that our Barracudas sessions are getting busy and coach Keith will be working with them in the next few months to further strengthen the training and goal setting.

Last, we are in the process of performing an audit in our membership and meet fee payments, so please make sure your standing orders and direct debits are updated and any outstanding invoices are paid, especially from September onwards. Our Treasurer, Nick Rusz will reach out to you with more details.   

Dimitri Tsopanakos

Message from Treasurer

Emails will be sent out soon to any members paying the wrong fees – it is the member’s responsibility to make sure their standing orders are correct.

Please also check your invoices on ‘swimclubmanager’ and that any outstanding fee’s from Club Championships and Mini meet are settled as soon as possible.

Nick Rusz

Important News

1. T30 – Come On You Can Do It! – Last CHANCE!

Masters T30 - calling on all club members and parents – the only requirement is to be at least 18 years old on the day of the swim. A fast or leisurely swim for just 30 minutes –all entries need to be processed before 31 December, apart from exceptional circumstances, the swimming has to be done and reported to the Club by December 15th. To take part and for further information please contact Caroline Butterwick

2. Christmas Schedule

Please go the website and click on the link on the front page for details. 

3.  Skin Tattoos

We now have amazing FSC skin tattoos available! They are available in packs of 10 for £12, two packs maximum per swimmer. 

Packs will be available for the Arena League team on Saturday and the rest available at the Sunday desk.

Payment can be done online (preferred) or by cheque or cash at the Sunday desk.

4. Swim Club Manager Upgrade

As you may be aware our swimclubmanager system has been upgraded to version 6.  You would have received an email prior to the new our return with new login details. Any enquiries to Ben Walton.

5. Vacancies for Squad Reps

We are looking for a Squad Reps, for

Newts, Frogs Black, Tadpoles Red Tadpoles Black, AND Minnows  - who can help, so your squad can get information more quickly regarding any updates.

Our Reps forward Club emails to their squad members but to also take enquiries from their members and forward to the relevant person in the Club.  It is a useful link through the Club and allows information to be distributed and received quickly. If you are a parent of a swimmer in one of these squads and can help please contact Sharon.


Swim Events coming up:

Swim Events coming up:

1.     FSC Last Chance County Qualifier – 15th January - Swimmers with times close to qualification for

County A and B events will be invited to participate. Details to follow after Hart Last Chance.

2.     Surrey County ASA Age Group Championships 2017 – County A and County B Divisions will be held during Jan-Mar 2017 (previously known as County Championships and County Age Group Development). Dates: 29th  Jan, 4-5 Feb, 11-12 Feb, 25-26 Feb and 4-5 Mar. For swimmers who meet qualifying times.  Please see the Promoter’s Conditions for details (found on link from FSC website Events page).

Take a look on the events page for all-important galas and meets for your diaries

Nicky Goodall

Social Committee

Ideas are welcome regarding social events for the New Year & Spring time as well as anyone wanting to help our social committee. 

We have already had some brilliant suggestions and are swaying towards a 'total wipeout' style watersports event.

Nikki Douglas

Sunday Desk Helpers

We recently have recruited some new helpers for the next season but if you can you spare a couple of hours every few weeks to help on our Sunday Desk? If so, please contact Carrie on

[email protected] Ideally you would be asked to be available from 4.45pm-7pm or perhaps even for the first hour or last hour, full training given!

Sunday Desk Helpers

We recently have recruited some new helpers for the next season but if you can you spare a couple of hours every few weeks to help on our Sunday Desk? If so, please contact Carrie. Ideally you would be asked to be available from 4.45pm-7pm or perhaps even for the first hour or last hour, full training given!

Welfare Issues

Now that we've started our new schedule of swimming I would like to remind Swimmers and Parents about some of the basic do's and don'ts. We need to be respectful to our fellow swimmers and observe any rules set down by the Club and the host Pools that we use. 

Sadly these are the top six moans that we receive from your fellow Club members so if we can all take note we can easily resolve them I'm sure:

Please do not leave your bags and items in a change cubicle whilst training, each pool has lockers available. We cannot reserve changing cubicles. 

Swimmers are requested to use the shower areas promptly and appropriately. 

Parents are reminded not to use the Blue seats poolside at Farnham, our Policy is we request you not to go poolside during training. You may occasionally see parents there whilst a swim trial is happening or whilst members of the public are supporting swimmers in private lessons, or for the collection of Minnows. 

Please arrive poolside ready for training, with your kit swim hat and goggles. If you must leave the pool to use the toilet please get acknowledgement from your Coach first and return promptly. 

Be observant of the lane you are in and whether you are swimming on the right or left side of the lane. In general Odd number lanes you swim on the right, Even number lanes on the left, check this and be aware of fellow lane swimmers. 

Make room for incoming swimmers to tumble or finish their length.

Finally - take care when overtaking or catching up to a swimmer, a tap on toes lets them know you are there. 

Most of all, enjoy your swimming!??


Should you have anyone wishing to enquire about swimming trials please refer them to the website to register for a trial or contact Carrie.

For any membership enquiries contact Rachel.


Please use the Easyfundraising link from our website when you shop on-line – there are lots of different companies that will donate money to the Club when you shop.  Also by using the ProSwimwear link on the website you can earn back money for the Club. ?

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