New Club Officials

We have 3 new club officials who have recently passed their J1 assessment. They are: Lisa Cooper, Sarah Carver and Kevin Sugrue. If you see them poolside or otherwise please do thank them for their effort, without which we can't do those galas and meets. A big thank you to Lisa, Sarah and Kevin from all at the club.

We also have ten new J1 trainees who are now on programme so I'd like also to mention them. They are:  Louise Maconachie;  Caroline Nevard;  Nico Ferrinho;  Andrea Hammet;  Josephine Ziwa;  Sara Karin;  Bill Bruggemeyer;  Kate Warner;  Susan Bruce; and  Steven Love. Good luck to you all and thank you for getting involved.

If anyone has any questions regarding becoming an official please speak to David Ziwa via officials@beckenhamswimmingclub.com