New Squad Structure and Fees for 2017/2018 Season

Dear Members,

I am very pleased to be able to confirm our squad structure (which now includes Youth fitness), the final timetable and squad fees for the 2017/18 season starting September 2017 which are attached as links below.

It is over four years since we last put up our fees and while we have been able to absorb increases in facility costs (3% last year, 2% this year) and higher coaching fees (more paid coaches & less volunteers), we now need to address club income and expenditure for the 2017/18 season. It is worth noting that we only just broke even in the financial year July 2016-June2017. 

We have looked closely at comparative fees for other swimming clubs and learn to swim (L2S) programmes offered by companies such as GLL. We want to ensure we remain competitively priced in the junior squads and that the costs of our senior squads, while more expensive than other local clubs, are a fair reflection of the added value of the new programme, advantageous pool times and quality of coaching at Amersham. 

Over the last four or five years our programme has changed significantly as successive coaches have come and gone and as a result there were some fee anomalies that built up in the middle of the club (i.e. we were relatively undercharging some squads) which we have also adjusted to reflect the new programme. As a result, the hourly rates for lower and middle squads have increased or remain similar, however, for squads TE and above are reduced relative to last year. Also, in nearly all cases where there is a larger increase in fees for swimmers transitioning to more senior squads, the programme has been substantially improved with proportionately more pool time and land training.

Our fees currently include a club annual membership fee of £30 that is collected monthly (pro -rated over 11 months).  We are changing this to an up-front annual fee of £60 (the same as Wycombe) payable in September. This amount will be deducted from the annual fees shown in the table and the remainder divided into 11 equal payments.  The membership fee is non-refundable and applies to all squads (excluding L2S and stroke development). Anyone joining part way through the year will pay a pro-rated membership fee.  The annual membership fee for vacation/holiday swimmers will remain at £30. 

Overall, I am satisfied that the new fee structure is reasonable given the changes we have made and the additional costs we are incurring.  I am delighted with the squad structure which will significantly enhance the performance of the club and allow some swimmers who have other sporting/academic commitments to compete at a high level. 

I am very grateful for the support of the committee, particularly Lynn and Nicola, and of course from Jason and Gemma for devising and communicating the new squads to all swimmers.

The committee and I can be contacted by email or poolside to hear your comments and address any concerns.

I wish you all a great summer break and look forward to an exciting new season.

Best wishes,
Simon Dolan - Club Chairman

Youth Fitness & Adult lessons

Starting in September we will be adding a new Youth Fitness squad and Adult swimming lessons. The Youth Fitness squad is for swimmers aged between 12 & 17 years old that would like to keep swimming for fitness but are no longer competing, they will have 2 sessions per week at the RMS pool on Tuesday 7-8pm & Friday 7-8pm. We will also now be offering Adult lessons at the RMS pool for beginners & intermediate levels, these will be available on Tuesday's at 7-7.30pm & 7.30-8pm and on Friday's at 7-7.30pm & 7.30-8pm, there will be a maximum of 4 Adults per lesson. For one lesson per week it will be £10 per lesson, and subject to space there will also be the option to have more than one lesson per week or 1 to 1 sessions.

Kind regards,
Jason Keeler - Head Coach

Links to Fees, Timetable & Structure for 2017/2018:

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