Tilehurst SC Introduces 3 New Coaches

I am happy to announce that we have found 3 well-qualified and passionate swim coaches to assist Simon this season.  They do not all start immediately, but by January everyone will be on board and ready for action.  If you want to know who they are, read on!

    Tyler Jenkins  – Tyler used to swim for TSC, is a physical trainer, and will be returning this week.

“Once upon a time I was one of the swimmers at Tilehurst Swimming Club. After I retired from my swimming days, I started working as a Personal Trainer at Castle Royle Golf Club where I was for a number years. During that time I helped a lot of people with weight and injury issues, especially knees. I also started up a Gym Swim Club which was up and running for almost 4 years. We never did any gala competitions but we had some brilliant athletes who competed in Triathlons and other open water swimming events. I think my best coaching achievement in the wide-world of swimming was when I helped one of the club members swim the Channel in August 2015. I was also on the boat during her swim. She swam for 15 hours 3 minutes and swam all the way to France!!! Not bad for a mum of two! Anyways, now I’m in the wonderful world of sales but no one cares about that… J.

As of Wednesday 6th September I will be joining the club again but this time around as one of the coaches. Since leaving TSC, I have heard that the club has gone from strength to strength and I’m hoping I can help continue that upward trend with some hard work in and out of the pool!

I’m really excited to be getting back to TSC and meeting everyone.”


    Ciara Halpin  – Ciara has been a competitive swimmer most of her life and is currently swimming for Reading University.  She comes to us as a young coach eager to pass on her knowledge and passion for the sport of swimming to the TSC members.  Ciara starts at the end of September.  From Ciara:

“I've been a competitive swimmer since I was 7 back in Bristol and I'm also on the university swim team here in Reading! My mum used to coach swimming and now continues to teach swimming, so I've come from a swimming background! It will always be a sport I love to compete in and teach/coach as it's a vital skill that stays with you for life, whilst also making some lifelong friends along the way! I'm looking forward to joining the club in September and meeting everyone.”


    Rachel Taylor  – Rachel works at Bradfield College and will be joining us in January.  Rachel grew up and learned to swim in Reading where she competed in local galas and qualified as a Swim Teacher and Lifeguard.  From Rachel:

“Competitive swimming kicked in for me at University where I spent 2 happy seasons swimming in the BUCS competitions until I discovered Water Polo and transitioned over to the dark side! Swimming has opened up so many doors for me as I have progressed into adult life; every University summer presented a fantastic new experience, from coaching Swimming and Water Polo at a summer camp in the States, to au pairing and teaching swimming for an Italian family in Sardinia, and volunteering in Athlete Support at the Water Polo Arena in London 2012; I am so glad Mum persuaded me to keep going during those tricky teenage years!

I still enjoy swim training as a way of staying fit and I find swimming sets in a team environment keeps it much more interesting than blasting up and down on your own! Swimming is at the core of and has given me the confidence to enjoy many of my other water sports and activities (I can recommend Kayaking, Water Polo and Under Water Hockey) and I hope I can foster the same enthusiasm for the sport in the swimmers coming up through the club. If in doubt, make like Dori and ‘just keep swimming!’”

It will take some time to get the coaches up to speed, but I am excited by what each of them individually bring to our club.  Please be patient as Simon trains the new coaches.  It will not be long before they are part of the TSC family.