Leicester Sharks scoop prizes at the Blaby Sports Awards 2016

It was a merry band of well dressed gigglers that attended the Blaby Sports Awards on November 17th, 2016. 

Because our Diddy team (the one's that won the Nuneaton and Bedworth Junior League final and then went on to the national semi final...#justsaying) had been nominated for Young Team of the Year for their recent swimming triumphs. 

And all the glad rags, smart shirts and non-chlorinated hair was worth it, because they won! Thank you to Liam who delivered a slick acceptance speech, and we're loving that Jamie Vardy's having a party shirt.

Leicester Sharks' swimmer, Daisy Platts, also attended the Sports Awards and gained runner-up for Sports Person of the Year, for being, well, generally awesome, making the Olympic Trials, that kind of thing. Fab work Daisy!

And it was a great evening for the wider Leicestershire swimming community, as Braunstone Swimming Club's, Keiran Wheatley, bagged the title of Sports Person of the Year. Well done Keiran!

And very thrillingly, Alison Wilcox, (who you may also know as 'oh god it's that woman who's going to ask me to do something again') won Volunteer of the Year Award.

The award is very much deserved for all the bullying she does, plus the fact she runs around like a headless chicken all the time, making sure everything is where it should be and is looking nice and neat. And if it's not looking nice and neat, you'll feel the sharp edge of her tongue, so you have been warned. Well done Alison! 

In other news, Coach Gareth won a fiercely fought race beating all the nearest rivals to the free buffet in record time. Great result Gareth.

Thank you to Blaby Sports Awards for another successful evening, and the platter of sandwiches at the end! (And yes, Gareth inhaled them.)