Arena League Results

Tilehurst SC competed in Round 1 of the Arena League  last night in Portsmouth.  As some of you might know, TSC was promoted last year after beating 16 of the 17 teams in Division 2.  We are now in Division 1 with clubs that have 500+ swimmers.  Although we placed 5th last night, we did very well in many of the races and the score did not reflect some of the awesome swims from the squad that attended.  Congratulations to so many swimmers who recorded PBs last night.  Arena League is an exciting gala and a good opportunity to get the adrenaline up and record some new best times.  Many of the swimmers did just that.  Well done.

Highlights from last night were Liv Neale winning the Open Women's 100 Metre Backstroke.  The Open Women's medley relay (Hannah Stewart, Bethan McMillan, Liv Neale, and Katie Rodda) is among the 9 second place finishes TSC recorded.  Second place finishers also included Bethan McMillan (100 Fly and 100 Breast), Isabel Ness (50 Fly and 50 Breast), Adnan Aneez (50 Breast), Ben Dinsdale (100 Breast), Bruno Kempster (100 Free), and our 10/11 Boys Medley Relay (Michael Stent, Adnan Aneez, Eshaan Firake, and Alex Campbell).


We can expect similar competition in the next 2 rounds.  Simon would like to remind everyone that we are a club with less than 100 swimmers who actively compete.  We did extremely well to get promoted last year.  Clubs with 500+ swimmers have much more depth than we do and have an advantage at a gala like Arena League.  We just need to focus on our swims and keep improving.  We might even surprise a few of these clubs in round 2!


Results have been manually entered and are available to view in OnDeck or through the website.