TSC and Crosfields School Announce Partnership
TSC is proud to have a very close relationship with Crosfields School.  Indeed, Crosfields pool is where Tilehurst SC calls 'home,' and we are proud to now be part of the official swimming pathway at the school.  Crosfields has built a reputation for swimming excellence, placing in the Top 5 in the country for all independent prep schools over the last 4 years running.

Crosfields achieves this standard by getting all children into the pool at a very young age. Headed by Gill Dinsdale, who is an experience teacher and coach, the Crosfields staff delicately introduce swimming to the youngest children. Every effort is made to encourage the children and make them feel confident in trying new things and experimenting in the water.  Swimming is taught through concentrating on the fundamentals of swimming: Streamlined body position, core body strength to support the strokes, strong leg kick and breathing patterns.  Once the children have mastered these skills the strokes are seamlessly introduced to enable the children to build sustainable stroke technique in all four of the competitive strokes. Shorts distances done well are encouraged rather than longer distances with poor technique.
This fits right into the TSC ethos!  And when the "able and excelling" children wish to take swimming that one step further, they have a warm welcome at Tilehurst Swimming Club.
Like Crosfields, TSC focuses on developing a love for swimming at a young age while balancing all the other activities happening in their lives.  As stated in our ethos, TSC provides a healthy community for active children to explore their full potential in and out of the water. The strengthened partnership with Crosfields affords TSC the opportunity to encourage swimming among those children who are just discovering a love for the sport.

TSC is proud to now be a part of Crosfields swimming development pathway, and we look forward to embracing those children who want to "dip their foot in the water" and get a taste of competitive swimming.  Whether the child wants to immediately start competing or just wants to swim for fun and fitness, we aim to provide a comfortable place for to do either.