Phenomenal Success at County Championships!!

Modernian Swimming Club  exceeded all expectations at the Bedfordshire County Swimming Championships held over two weekends during March at Inspire:Luton  “...By every measure of success, the Club has achieved results that are unprecedented.”, said Ian Douglas, the club’s Director of Swimming. “...Club swimmers have broken records, won more medals than any other club and set new standards to qualify for regional and national competitions. As important, every swimmer is achieving their potential, with 245 personal best performances over 4 days of racing. The club is getting the basics right to build strength in depth. It is the basis of long term success”.

Modernian Swimming Club had 72 swimmers qualify for the championships. The club is nurturing future talent. In the younger 9 to 14 age groups, the Club won six of the twelve age group titles where success is measured across several events. The clubs investment in young people through learn to swim programmes as well as the transition to competitive swimming is where they  are pulling away from  rival clubs in Bedfordshire.

Success in the younger age groups is matched by the number of Senior and Junior County Champion titles won, in total 55 titles. Newly appointed Head Coach, Vicky Simpson, said “...There are many individual successes, far too many people to mention by name. Our best swimmers know what they’ve achieved. They deserve recognition as much for setting an example for others to follow as the records they’ve set or medals they’ve won.” Setting new records does stand out - Modernian swimmers setting 14 new County Short Course Records and breaking one East Region Record.

Club success in the relay events is a particular pleasure for the club’s chairperson, Jo Stalley. “...Of the 16 potential gold medals in the relay events, the club won 12. This shows our club is in top form, compared to other Bedfordshire Clubs. The relay events are thrilling to watch and galvanise our club spirit. It’s great to see a swimmer winning an individual event, but team performances stand out because they are a measure of the club’s strength and depth. Vicky added, “..We shall now take our County success to the regional stage where we aim, over the next three years,  to match the best clubs in the region“.

Overall Modernian Swimming club finished the County Championships on top of the medals board, with 129 Gold, 105 Silver and 58 Bronze medals. The Modernian medal haul amounts to 36% of the medals that could be won.(whilst Luton took 21% (80 of them gold), and the remaining 6 Bedfordshire clubs between them shared 43% of the medals). The medals total is a good indication of success across the board, but when you look below the surface, you see that the results are due to the quality of coaching and the club’s investment in every facet of the swimming pathway. The club is ambitious and success is measured as much by teaching young children to swim as it is by breaking records or heading the medal table at the County Championships.

Vicky concluded “...The team performance was amazing, supporting each other individually and as a team. The racing ability of individuals and the relay teams was fantastic and showed brilliant potential for the future”.

East Region Record

Becky Burton                      100IM

Bedfordshire County Records:

Oliver Maltby 100m Backstroke Senior                                                58.10
Oliver Maltby    50m Butterfly Senior                                                      25.92
Peter Webster  200m Backstroke Senior                                                2.05.13
Hayley Alcock   50m Breaststroke Senior                                              33.53
Hayley Alcock   100m Butterfly Senior                                                    1.04.10
Becky Burton  100m Individual Medley Senior & Junior                1.05.93
Becky Burton 50m Breaststroke Junior                                               33.85
Oliver Maltby  50 Backstroke Senior Record                       26.57
Hayley Alcock  200 Breaststroke Senior Record                 2.37.79
Oliver Maltby  100 Butterfly Senior Record                                         57.08    
Rebecca Burton   100 Breaststroke Junior & Senior Record              1.12.88
Rebecca Burton  50 Butterfly Junior Record                     29.52


Hayley Alcock                    100 Backstroke
Hayley Alcock                    200 Breaststroke
Hayley Alcock                    50 Breaststroke
Hayley Alcock                    100 Butterfly
Nick Stalley                     100 Breaststroke
Nick Stalley                     200 Breaststroke
Becky  Burton                    200 Individual Medley
Becky Burton                     100 Breaststroke
Becky Burton                     50 Butterfly
Becky Burton                     100 Individual Medley
Ollie Maltby                     100 Backstroke
Ollie Maltby                     50 Butterfly
Ollie Maltby                     50 Freestyle
Ollie Maltby                     100 Freestyle
Peter Webster                    400 Freestyle
Peter Webster                    200 Backstroke
Sophie Pedder                    200 Backstroke
Modernian Female 15-18 4x50m Medley Relay (Becky, Hayley, Abbie, Nikki)
Modernian Male 15-18 4x50m Medley Relay (Peter, Nick, Ollie, Connor)
Modernian Open Male 4x100 Medley Relay (Peter, Nick, Ollie, James)
Modernian Open Female 4x100 Medley Relay (Sophie, Becky, Hayley, Nikki)
Modernian Open Male 4x50 Medley Relay (Peter, Nick, James, Ollie)
Modernian Open Female 4x50 Medley Relay (Sophie, Becky, Hayley, Nikki)
Modernian Open Male 4x50 Free Relay (Ollie, Peter, James, Connor)
Modernian Open Female 4x50 Free Relay (Becky, Hayley, Nikki, Katie)
Modernian Male15-18  4x50 Medley Team (Ollie, Peter, Connor, James M)
Modernian Female Open 4x100 Free Team (Ollie, James N, Peter, Connor)

Junior Champions:

Aiyana Lawson                    800 Freestyle
Aiyana Lawson                    400 IM
Aiyana Lawson                    200 Freestyle
Aiyana Lawson                    400 Freestyle
Becky Burton                     100 IM
Becky Burton                     100 Butterfly
Becky Burton                     50 Breaststroke
Becky Burton                     200 Breaststroke
Becky Burton                     50 Freestyle
Becky Burton                     200 Individual Medley
BeckyBurton                      100 Breaststroke
Becky Burton                     50 Butterfly
Joe Munno                        100 Backstroke
Joe Munno                        200 Backstroke
Max Wilson                       1500 Freestyle
Max Wilson                       200 Freestyle
Max Wilson                       400 Freestyle
Sophie Pedder                    200 Backstroke
Paddy Keaveney                   200 Individual Medley
Paddy Keaveney                   100 Butterfly
Paddy Keaveney                   400 IM
Paddy Keaveney                   200 Breaststroke


Modernian Female 11-14 4x50 Medley Team (Sophie, Aiyana Katie, Chloe)
Modernian Female 11-14 4x50m Freestyle Team (Katie, Chloe, Aiyana, Hannah)
Modernian Male 11-14 4x50 Freestyle Team (Paddy, Aaron, Ollie R, Max)

BAGCATS: (all rounders competing in multi events/strokes)

9 Years                 Silver     Stacey Tyler
                                                Bronze     Harley Allen
10 Years                Gold       Orla Keaveney
                        Bronze      William Maltby
11 Years                Gold       Kaelah Lawson
                       Silver     Tia Wilson
                        Bronze     Mea Roberts
                        Gold       Brennan Connelly
                        Silver     Joshua Bristow
12 Years                Silver     Chloe Lence
                        Silver    Jamie McCaffray
13 Years                Gold       Aiyana Lawson
                        Silver     Sophie Pedder
                        Gold       Patrick Keaveney
                        Silver     Max WIlson
14 Years                Gold       Katie Shoobert