County Report 2014 - Weekend One

The whole first weekend at the Bedfordshire county championships was outstanding. The atmosphere, fast swimming and overall team cohesion is why I love swimming coaching and the sport in general.
There were far too many outstanding swims to name them all, and it would generally mean that I would mention every single person that swam. I have compiled the main facts for you to read, as I thought this would be a better summation of the meet. Generally the standard that the swimmers set, far outreached what I had expected. I was pleasantly surprised. To swim this fast at this stage of the season is exciting, with roughly just under half of it to go.

Modernians accumulated 226 personal best performances, 75 regional times and 8 new Bedfordshire county records. These statistics are unprecedented. I would also like to congratulate the team on their overall attitude. The swimmers were consistent in winning and defeat, remaining humble and happy throughout. I cannot begin to express how proud I was to be the head coach of the club.
However we now have two weeks of more work to correct any feedback you were given by your coach. Work hard on the finer details and don’t become complacent. Turn skills are very important and were costly at times. Every turn you complete in training is practise, make every one count. The same attitude is required for finishes. Finish at the wall in training at the end of your stroke, don’t glide in. It was again costly at times at the county championships in a few races, with a few swimmers missing a medal or a regional times because of this.

Swimmers who gained their first regional qualifying time of the season:

Llwelyn Wake 200 Breaststroke
Daniel Dunkley 50 Freestyle
Gemma Trott 400 IM
James Norman 100 Freestyle
Oliver Langford 200 Backstroke
David Carline 100 Backstroke
James Maltby 100 Backstroke
Connor Delany 100 Backstroke
Jamie McCaffray 400 IM
Katie Shoobert 100 free


Bedfordshire County Records:
Oliver Maltby 100m Backstroke Senior 58.10
Oliver Maltby 50m Butterfly Senior 25.92
Peter Webster 200m Backstroke Senior 2.05.13
Hayley Alcock 50m Breaststroke Senior 33.53
Hayley Alcock 100m Butterfly Senior 1.04.10
Becky Burton 100m Individual Medley Senior & Junior 1.05.93
Becky Burton 50m Breaststroke Junior 33.85


Medal Facts:
Rank 1 Gold 53 Silver 51 Bronze 25


Senior Champions
Becky Burton 100 Individual Medley
Hayley Alcock 50 Breaststroke
Hayley Alcock 100 Butterfly
Ollie Maltby 100 Backstroke
Ollie Maltby 50 Butterfly
Ollie Maltby 50 Freestyle
Ollie Maltby 100 Freestyle
Peter Webster 200 Backstroke
Nick Stalley 200 Breaststroke
Sophie Pedder 200 Backstroke
Modernian Male15-18 4x50 Medley Team (Ollie, Peter, Connor, James M)
Modernian Female Open 4x100 Free Team (Ollie, James N, Peter, Connor)


Junior Champions:
Aiyana Lawson 800 Freestyle
Aiyana Lawson 400 IM
Aiyana Lawson 200 Freestyle
Becky Burton 100 IM
Becky Burton 100 Butterfly
Becky Burton 50 Breaststroke
Joe Munno 100 Backstroke
Paddy Keaveney 400 IM
Paddy Keaveney 200 Breaststroke
Joe Munno 200 Backstroke
Max Wilson 1500 Freestyle
Sophie Pedder 200 Backstroke
Modernian Female 11-14 4x50 Medley Team (Sophie, Aiyana Katie, Chloe)


Junior Squad
What a fantastic weekend's swimming from the Junior Squad swimmers, for many of them at their first ever county champs!
in total we had PB's from almost every swim which is an amazing achievement and am very proud of all who swam and shows that all the hard work and nagging from me has paid off and swimmers have listened and taken on board what has been said to them over the past few weeks.
Congratulations to William Maltby, Harley Allan, Orla Keaveney, Joshua Bristow, Lily Wetherell, Jacob Bailey, Stacey Tyler and the Under 10's girls and boys Modernian Red Relay Teams who all were placed in the top 3 of their age group in some events they swam in getting a County Medal!
Also to Jack Tremain & William Maltby who were awarded County Colours for swimming for the county for the first time this year.
This weekend has highlighted specific areas that as a squad we need to work to improve - mainly speed going into and out of the turns and walls and keeping the head position correct off the start.
hopefully we can have more of the same swimming in 2 weeks with more swimmers receiving medals and placing in BAGCATS and maybe even some RQT's as a few swimmers were very close! Well done All!