Meet your new Head Coach

This is obviously a very exciting time for the club. Some of you may not know much about myself so I thought I’d do a little introduction before we dive in at the deep end so to speak.

I started coaching swimming at the age of 16 after sustaining an injury that kept me out of the water for 3 months, and I was hooked. I continued coaching after gaining my BSc degree in Physical Education and Sports Science at Loughborough University. I have previously coached at Modernians, City of Cambridge SC, Biggleswade SC, Mid Beds SS.

My coaching philosophy is quite simple, to work hard with perfection of technique. I treat everyone as an individual, and I will put as much effort into coaching a person as I see them give back. 

I admire Jose Mourinho immensely as a coach, and my favourite football team is Chelsea FC (but don't hold that against me!). 

My sporting idol outside swimming is Aryton Senna (ask your parents who he was!), who in my opinion was the greatest formula one driver ever. 

When I was growing up my favorite swimmer was Aleksandr Popov, who at the time won the 100 freestyle at back to back Olympics, having recovered from being stabbed and nearly dying during the four years in between. He had a perfect freestyle technique, but had grown up as a backstroke swimmer during his youth. 

Currently I admire Ryan Lochte, a swimmer who had moderate times as a youth swimmer before attending university in Florida (His 200 back PB went from 2.18.71 to 1.52.96!), only to become a multi World & Olympic Champion & record holder. 

Remember anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Dedication, perfection and hard work is all it takes. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!

Coaching Qualifications & Experience

BSc (Hons) Physical Education & Sports Science

ASA Coach

ASA Club Coach

ASA Teacher

ASA Assistant Teacher

YMCA Fitness Instructor

IOS Tutor & Assessor

Additional Achievements include:

Great Britain representation at the IPC World Championships in Eindhoven 2010

Head Coach on the England Talent East Region Level 1 & 2 Camps

Development Coach on the England Talent National Level 3 Programme

UKSport Women in High Performance Education Programme

See you all at training