Exciting News!

Dear Members

BROMLEY SC ARENA A TEAM has qualified for the National Arena B Final Gala in Cardiff next year in April.

This is an absolutely amazing achievement and is the first time in the club’s history that this has been achieved!  This puts Bromley SC as one of the Top 20 clubs in England and Wales, and for a club of our size this is truly a remarkable achievement. 

Following 3 very impressive Arena League rounds for the club from both the A and B teams, the Club A team has qualified for the National B final gala. For new members to the club or the younger swimmers this achievement won’t perhaps carry the emotional weight that it does for the older swimmers who have been with the club on its journey over the past 9 years. Going from Division 2, into Division 1 and finally into the Premier Division has been an incredible journey for the club, each year building on the previous one, and now to be in the National Arena B Final Gala in Cardiff is just phenomenal! I encourage you all to talk to your swimmers about this club achievement. Explain the journey to them and the benefits of hard work, dedication and giving of your best for your club! 

A massive congratulations to all the swimmers (ranging from 10 years to 25 years) and to the coaches, in particular Dave and Emily, Head and Assistant Head Coach, for their unwavering belief in the Club!

The gala will be on Saturday 21st April starting at 1pm with parades and speeches.   This is a huge event in the swimming calendar … and we are a part of it! Supporters are very welcome (ticket information will be sent out in the New Year) and a Best Supporters Club award is up for grabs!

As some of the kids have put it #roadtoCardiff starts now!

This gala will be live streamed across the country and presents a valuable opportunity for promotion. If any members are interested in sponsoring the club in any way please contact the secretary of the club Sara Mason, [email protected]

Some of you will have seen this news on the Bromley SC Twitter account or on the Twitter feed on the website. Follow the club at @BromleySC to see the news first hand!

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas with special family time!


Carol Van Selm