Triathlon: Nottingham bid for Chris Perham

BRITISH Triathlon has chosen Chris Perham to race in the mixed relay cup in Nottingham.

The mixed relay will feature top British and international elite triathletes, racing around Victoria Embankment and Trent Bridge.

Perhan who lives in Loughborough but grew up on Portland, started swimming with Tornadoes of South Dorset under coaches Phil Daniels and Chris Beal, before joining Dorset Pentathletes and coach Mick Flaherty to combine running and swimming. This was when he decided to add the discipline of the bike and entered a Bustinskin race which was held on Portland.

His first help and sponsorship came from the local area TRI UK of Yeovil which has helped him to get to this level.

Perham will be racing in the Loughborough A team, where each team consists of two men and two women.

Each athlete completes a mini triathlon 300m swim (one lap), 7.5km bike (two laps),1.5km run (one lap), before tagging their team-mate.

The mixed relay triathlon will be included in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.