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Committee Announcement

Dear Members

The committee is pleased to announce that AJ McEver has been voted in as our Interim Chair. He will remain in this position until the AGM in November. On behalf of all our members, we would like to thank AJ for stepping up and supporting the club in such a vital role.

AJ becomes Chair at a time when the club is facing a number of challenges as a result of the continued closure of the Mallinson Pool at Highgate.  Some of you may know that the pool will now remain closed until September 2019 at the earliest.  The lessons and squad programmes at Highgate formed a vital part of our club offering and we very much hope to be able to resume our relationship with Highgate when the pool reopens.

In the meantime the committee, club staff and coaching team are doing their utmost to counter the effects of the closure on our club. To this end, we are also pleased to announce that Indrani Mukherjee has been co-opted onto the committee to assist specifically with fundraising, for which we are also very grateful.  We will be in touch with you soon regarding our first initiative, a club-wide raffle, for which we will be relying on your support. We have already collected prizes in the form of vouchers and complimentary tickets (from Go Karting to climbing to Premiership football to restaurants...) worth over £1,000. Our first significant fundraising event is bound to be a success knowing the generosity of all of our club members. We would therefore urge you to check if your employer offers match funding to fundraising events in which their employees take part. Lots of firms take social responsibility seriously these days and see involvement in the wider community to be to their commercial advantage.

In the meantime, we would like to thank you all for your continued support.

If you have any questions or suggestions please email Tom at [email protected] or AJ at [email protected].


Yours sincerely

The Camden Swiss Cottage Swimming Club Committee