I was looking forward to this Level 3 meet because it has been a long 6 weeks without any competitions at this mid point in the season!

 I called everyone together for a group chat. I explained that attending this level 3 gala was mainly to practice starts, turns, pacing etc. after 6 weeks break of competing, to gain some RQT`s and see that swimmers were putting their training into racing!

Swimmers don`t need to see the wall if they counted their strokes and practiced at the warm up etc. After the chat the day went really well.

Junior Squad swimmers achieved massive pb`s in all strokes. Senior Squad swimmers generally swam well too. There were new regional times achieved by Georgie, Lucy, Jess, Ben, Emily J, Henry, Sally and first regional time in this season for Harley.

That gives us 31 qualifiers so far this season so one more than last season
.  Our swimmers collected tonnes of medals and we also won the trophy for the club competition.

Well done swimmers and coaches!