LYG Croydon Swimming & Aquathlon Team Please Apply

This is an invitation for any swimmers who live or go to school in Croydon and would like to be considered for selection for the Croydon Swimming Team or the Croydon Aquathlon Team in the London Youth Games.

The  Swimming Team organisers are looking for athletes who compete regularly in Galas. Swimmers are selected by the times that appear on the ASA Rankings Database. The swimming event will take place on Saturday 7th July at Crystal Palace and will be split in to a Junior (school years 7, 8 and 9) and a Senior (school years 10,11 and 12) competition.  Swimmers must be born between 01/09/2000 & 31/08/06. The event will take place from 12.15-5pm


We are also looking for secondary school age athletes to compete in the Croydon LYG Aquathlon Team.   A team of maximum 20 athletes will be selected

Yr 7 200m swim    /  1 km  run
Yr 8 200m swim   /   1 km  run
Yr 9 300m swim   /   2 km  run
Yr 10 300m swim  /  2 km run
Yr 11 400m swim  /  3 km run

To be selected to represent Croydon, swimmers should either live or attend school in Croydon.  If there are any swimmers within local clubs or schools who would be interested in applying to compete for Croydon in the London Youth Games their parents should e-mail Fiona Corby (Aquathlon) or Hannah Davies (Swimming) at:-